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@phoffer phoffer/dark_launch.rb

Last active Aug 29, 2015
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dark launch with mixin
module DarkLaunch
FEATURES = %w(feature_a feature_b feature_c) # could load this from a config file
def self.included(base)
FEATURES.each do |f|
base.send(:define_method, "has_access_to_#{f}?") { DarkLaunch.feature_visible(f, self) }
# could add a method_missing handler for the same prefix, for things that aren't explicitly defined
def self.feature_visible(feature_id, current_user)
if !current_user
# Only logged in users should have access to Dark Launch features
return false
if Rails.env.development? || Rails.env.test?
# On Dev and Test these features should always be visible (for now at least)
return true
# We're prefixing the ENV var ourselves with 'FEATURE_'
# this can be be loaded from anywhere, if you don't like environment variables
env_var = ENV["FEATURE_#{feature_id}"]
if env_var
# If it equals the string "PUBLIC" then return true and don't check invidiual user_ids anymore
return true if env_var == "PUBLIC"
# If we've got an array then we'll check whether the user ID is in there
# Note: this is the actual piece of logic that allows us to control who to launch a feature to. Right now we're basing this
# off of customer IDs. This could as well be 10% of our users, traffic from a certain country, only users with an email
# of or whatever.
return env_var.split(',').include?( unless !env_var
# Apparently nothing succeeded before so let's be safe and return false for now
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