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Last active March 19, 2021 23:42
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A list of the terms that game frameworks use to describe a 'scene' or 'state', i.e. such as a composition of objects in a level
Cocos2D - Scenes (and nodes)
Godot Engine - Scenes (and nodes)
CryEngine - Level
Torque3D - World and Level
Starling - nothing that I could find! In their tutorial 'Game' extends 'Sprite' :)
Urho3D - Scene (and Objects)
Atomic Game Engine - Scene (and nodes)
Monkey Engine - AppStates (short for Application States)
Banshee Engine - Level
Superpowers - Scenes (State is used too, to define entities changing states, Actors = Sprites)
Panda3D - Scene (and nodes)
Unreal Engine - Level (and World and Actors
Unity - Scenes (and GameObjects)
GameMaker 2 - Rooms (and Sprites)
ShiVa - Scenes (and Models)
Leadwerks - Scene (and Entity)
App Game Kit - nothing, you do it yourself
GameSalad - no idea, had to pay just to watch a beginners tutorial, sod that!
Note: All those listed that used the term "Level" are based on using their visual editors.
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