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Last active May 1, 2016

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New names for Phaser
Name Domain Available? Comments
Scythe Hard to spell! Grim reeper references?
Chakram It's an Indian throwing weapon, like a shurikan
Gladius Trademark old but owned by LucasArts (for a game?)
Daikyu ( No trademarks matching this word at all.
It's a Japanese longbow. Quite hard to say / type.
Lantaka (& net,org) A gunpowder based weapon from the Philipines.
Easier to say and type, but 'less cool' ?
Hypercell It's a geometric shape. Trademark is available.
Stardive (& net) TM is clear too. Easy to mis-type? (assume 'star drive')
Galtan TM is clear. Easy to type and say.
Quartex TM is taken by electrical instruments sector.
Lightforce TM is clear. Sounds like a game though, not ideal.
Exolon TM is clear. Classic 8-bit game (but can ask them for permission!)
Gamecore TM is clear. A few companies named this online, nothing big.
Makegame TM is clear. A quite like the directness of this one! (similar to Game Maker?)
Startgame TM is clear. Maybe 'FinishGame' is better? :)
Gameblaze TM is clear. Could maybe shorten to just Blaze?
Fresnel TM is clear. It's the glass from a lighthouse. Quite cool!
Pavilion TM is clear. Means a 'cool building'.
Donburi TM is fully clear. It's basically Japanese for 'bowl of rice' :)
Zoni TM is fully clear. A samurai soup eaten on the battlefield :)
Kyoho TM is fully clear. A large black grape.
Kenpi TM is fully clear. A sweet potato chip fried in sugar.
Ganbatte TM is fully clear. Means "do your best" in Japanese (which is quite nice imho)
Genki TM is safe (old but dead). Means "enthusiasm, spirit or energy".
GameStorm TM is safe.
FiveSnap TM is fully clear.
Neochrome TM is safe. Quite long, but easy to say. Code abbreviation to Neo.
Orca TM is moderately safe. Short, easy to say / spell.
Hoki TM is clear. It's a type of white fish.
Moray TM is clear. Another type of fish, sounds a bit like a raytracer.
Glaive TM is clear. A weapon. Sounds cool but very easy to mis-spell.

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commented Nov 16, 2015

How about...

  1. Maser
    1a. Holonic
  2. Gamono
  3. Kimbara
  4. Metonomy
  5. Cobeam
  6. Strikatea
  7. Ratala
  8. Mukomo
  9. Zinfantu
  10. Srilano
  11. Milspec
  12. Indroidea
  13. Hularo
  14. Kinalu
  15. Zencomax

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commented Nov 28, 2015

Edit: You've already selected 'LazerJS', good choice!

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