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example of using commitment control in DB2. Not isolation levels don't appear to work.
//Add commitment control to the DB2 Connect by using i5_commit
//Apparently you can't set this using ini_set. Therefore this would have to be set in the PHP.ini
$options = array('i5_lib' => 'MYLIB','autocommit' => DB2_AUTOCOMMIT_OFF,'i5_commit' => DB2_I5_TXN_SERIALIZABLE);
//Connect to DB2 - Commitments wont take place until we call
//db2_commit($db2Connection) on the connection.
$db2Connection = db2_connect('', '', '', $options);
if (!$db2Connection) {die("false - Connection failed.");}
//Run queries that change the table
$insertstmt = db2_prepare($db2Connection, $sql);
$dataArray = array('1','2','3');
foreach ($dataArray as $value)
$result = db2_execute($insertstmt, $value);
//Note: below we use die which would stop any records from being inserted
//alternatively could just echo out the error and let the other record go through.
if($result==false) {die(db2_stmt_errormsg());}
//The 3 records that were created will now be pushed live
$commitResult = db2_commit($db2Connection);
if(!$commitResult) {die("Commit failed");}
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