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Created July 13, 2018 13:09
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Search engine term generator for finding audience watering holes (based on terms *you come up with*) [30x500]
".NET Core",
"ASP.NET Core",
"mailing list",
"user group",
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import sys
import json
import itertools
from typing import List
def main(progname: str, args: List[str]):
if len(args) == 0:
sys.exit(f"Usage: {progname} path/to/audience_terms.json")
input_path = args[0]
data = None
with open(input_path, 'r') as f:
data = json.load(f)
if data is None:
sys.exit(f"Error: {input_path} must be valid UTF-8 JSON")
for tup in itertools.product(*data):
print(' '.join(tup))
if __name__ == '__main__':
main(sys.argv[0], sys.argv[1:])
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phrohdoh commented Jul 13, 2018

How to use this script:

$ python3 path/to/audience_terms.json

Alternatively set the file to be executable then run it directly:

$ chmod u+x
$ ./ path/to/audience_terms.json

Example output given the audience_terms.json included in the gist:

.NET developer forum
.NET developer mailing list
.NET developer community
.NET developer group
.NET developer Twitter
.NET developer list
.NET developer Facebook
.NET developer share
.NET developer sharing
.NET developer chat
.NET developer IRC
.NET developer blog
.NET developer best
.NET developer resources
.NET developer tutorials
.NET developer help
.NET developer FAQs
.NET developer reviews
.NET developer questions
.NET developer wiki
.NET developer meetup
.NET developer user group
.NET developer advice
.NET developer awards
.NET developer competition
.NET developer problems
.NET developer association
.NET developer customers
.NET developer client
.NET developer sales
.NET developer tools
.NET developer system
.NET engineer forum
.NET engineer mailing list
.NET engineer community
.NET engineer group
.NET engineer Twitter
.NET engineer list
.NET engineer Facebook
.NET engineer share
.NET engineer sharing
.NET engineer chat
.NET engineer IRC
.NET engineer blog
.NET engineer best
.NET engineer resources
.NET engineer tutorials
.NET engineer help
.NET engineer FAQs
.NET engineer reviews
.NET engineer questions
.NET engineer wiki
.NET engineer meetup
.NET engineer user group
.NET engineer advice
.NET engineer awards
.NET engineer competition
.NET engineer problems
.NET engineer association
.NET engineer customers
.NET engineer client
.NET engineer sales
.NET engineer tools
.NET engineer system
.NET programmer forum
.NET programmer mailing list
.NET programmer community
.NET programmer group
.NET programmer Twitter
.NET programmer list
.NET programmer Facebook
.NET programmer share
.NET programmer sharing
.NET programmer chat
.NET programmer IRC
.NET programmer blog
.NET programmer best
.NET programmer resources
.NET programmer tutorials
.NET programmer help
.NET programmer FAQs
.NET programmer reviews
.NET programmer questions
.NET programmer wiki
.NET programmer meetup
.NET programmer user group
.NET programmer advice
.NET programmer awards
.NET programmer competition
.NET programmer problems
.NET programmer association
.NET programmer customers
.NET programmer client
.NET programmer sales
.NET programmer tools
.NET programmer system
.NET architect forum
.NET architect mailing list
.NET architect community
.NET architect group
.NET architect Twitter
.NET architect list
.NET architect Facebook
.NET architect share
.NET architect sharing
.NET architect chat
.NET architect IRC
.NET architect blog
.NET architect best
.NET architect resources
.NET architect tutorials
.NET architect help
.NET architect FAQs
.NET architect reviews
.NET architect questions
.NET architect wiki
.NET architect meetup
.NET architect user group
.NET architect advice
.NET architect awards
.NET architect competition
.NET architect problems
.NET architect association
.NET architect customers
.NET architect client
.NET architect sales
.NET architect tools
.NET architect system
.NET Core developer forum
.NET Core developer mailing list
.NET Core developer community
.NET Core developer group
.NET Core developer Twitter
.NET Core developer list
.NET Core developer Facebook
.NET Core developer share
.NET Core developer sharing
.NET Core developer chat
.NET Core developer IRC
.NET Core developer blog
.NET Core developer best
.NET Core developer resources
.NET Core developer tutorials
.NET Core developer help
.NET Core developer FAQs
.NET Core developer reviews
.NET Core developer questions
.NET Core developer wiki
.NET Core developer meetup
.NET Core developer user group
.NET Core developer advice
.NET Core developer awards
.NET Core developer competition
.NET Core developer problems
.NET Core developer association
.NET Core developer customers
.NET Core developer client
.NET Core developer sales
.NET Core developer tools
.NET Core developer system
.NET Core engineer forum
.NET Core engineer mailing list
.NET Core engineer community
.NET Core engineer group
.NET Core engineer Twitter
.NET Core engineer list
.NET Core engineer Facebook
.NET Core engineer share
.NET Core engineer sharing
.NET Core engineer chat
.NET Core engineer IRC
.NET Core engineer blog
.NET Core engineer best
.NET Core engineer resources
.NET Core engineer tutorials
.NET Core engineer help
.NET Core engineer FAQs
.NET Core engineer reviews
.NET Core engineer questions
.NET Core engineer wiki
.NET Core engineer meetup
.NET Core engineer user group
.NET Core engineer advice
.NET Core engineer awards
.NET Core engineer competition
.NET Core engineer problems
.NET Core engineer association
.NET Core engineer customers
.NET Core engineer client
.NET Core engineer sales
.NET Core engineer tools
.NET Core engineer system
.NET Core programmer forum
.NET Core programmer mailing list
.NET Core programmer community
.NET Core programmer group
.NET Core programmer Twitter
.NET Core programmer list
.NET Core programmer Facebook
.NET Core programmer share
.NET Core programmer sharing
.NET Core programmer chat
.NET Core programmer IRC
.NET Core programmer blog
.NET Core programmer best
.NET Core programmer resources
.NET Core programmer tutorials
.NET Core programmer help
.NET Core programmer FAQs
.NET Core programmer reviews
.NET Core programmer questions
.NET Core programmer wiki
.NET Core programmer meetup
.NET Core programmer user group
.NET Core programmer advice
.NET Core programmer awards
.NET Core programmer competition
.NET Core programmer problems
.NET Core programmer association
.NET Core programmer customers
.NET Core programmer client
.NET Core programmer sales
.NET Core programmer tools
.NET Core programmer system
.NET Core architect forum
.NET Core architect mailing list
.NET Core architect community
.NET Core architect group
.NET Core architect Twitter
.NET Core architect list
.NET Core architect Facebook
.NET Core architect share
.NET Core architect sharing
.NET Core architect chat
.NET Core architect IRC
.NET Core architect blog
.NET Core architect best
.NET Core architect resources
.NET Core architect tutorials
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.NET Core architect FAQs
.NET Core architect reviews
.NET Core architect questions
.NET Core architect wiki
.NET Core architect meetup
.NET Core architect user group
.NET Core architect advice
.NET Core architect awards
.NET Core architect competition
.NET Core architect problems
.NET Core architect association
.NET Core architect customers
.NET Core architect client
.NET Core architect sales
.NET Core architect tools
.NET Core architect system
ASP.NET developer forum
ASP.NET developer mailing list
ASP.NET developer community
ASP.NET developer group
ASP.NET developer Twitter
ASP.NET developer list
ASP.NET developer Facebook
ASP.NET developer share
ASP.NET developer sharing
ASP.NET developer chat
ASP.NET developer IRC
ASP.NET developer blog
ASP.NET developer best
ASP.NET developer resources
ASP.NET developer tutorials
ASP.NET developer help
ASP.NET developer FAQs
ASP.NET developer reviews
ASP.NET developer questions
ASP.NET developer wiki
ASP.NET developer meetup
ASP.NET developer user group
ASP.NET developer advice
ASP.NET developer awards
ASP.NET developer competition
ASP.NET developer problems
ASP.NET developer association
ASP.NET developer customers
ASP.NET developer client
ASP.NET developer sales
ASP.NET developer tools
ASP.NET developer system
ASP.NET engineer forum
ASP.NET engineer mailing list
ASP.NET engineer community
ASP.NET engineer group
ASP.NET engineer Twitter
ASP.NET engineer list
ASP.NET engineer Facebook
ASP.NET engineer share
ASP.NET engineer sharing
ASP.NET engineer chat
ASP.NET engineer IRC
ASP.NET engineer blog
ASP.NET engineer best
ASP.NET engineer resources
ASP.NET engineer tutorials
ASP.NET engineer help
ASP.NET engineer FAQs
ASP.NET engineer reviews
ASP.NET engineer questions
ASP.NET engineer wiki
ASP.NET engineer meetup
ASP.NET engineer user group
ASP.NET engineer advice
ASP.NET engineer awards
ASP.NET engineer competition
ASP.NET engineer problems
ASP.NET engineer association
ASP.NET engineer customers
ASP.NET engineer client
ASP.NET engineer sales
ASP.NET engineer tools
ASP.NET engineer system
ASP.NET programmer forum
ASP.NET programmer mailing list
ASP.NET programmer community
ASP.NET programmer group
ASP.NET programmer Twitter
ASP.NET programmer list
ASP.NET programmer Facebook
ASP.NET programmer share
ASP.NET programmer sharing
ASP.NET programmer chat
ASP.NET programmer IRC
ASP.NET programmer blog
ASP.NET programmer best
ASP.NET programmer resources
ASP.NET programmer tutorials
ASP.NET programmer help
ASP.NET programmer FAQs
ASP.NET programmer reviews
ASP.NET programmer questions
ASP.NET programmer wiki
ASP.NET programmer meetup
ASP.NET programmer user group
ASP.NET programmer advice
ASP.NET programmer awards
ASP.NET programmer competition
ASP.NET programmer problems
ASP.NET programmer association
ASP.NET programmer customers
ASP.NET programmer client
ASP.NET programmer sales
ASP.NET programmer tools
ASP.NET programmer system
ASP.NET architect forum
ASP.NET architect mailing list
ASP.NET architect community
ASP.NET architect group
ASP.NET architect Twitter
ASP.NET architect list
ASP.NET architect Facebook
ASP.NET architect share
ASP.NET architect sharing
ASP.NET architect chat
ASP.NET architect IRC
ASP.NET architect blog
ASP.NET architect best
ASP.NET architect resources
ASP.NET architect tutorials
ASP.NET architect help
ASP.NET architect FAQs
ASP.NET architect reviews
ASP.NET architect questions
ASP.NET architect wiki
ASP.NET architect meetup
ASP.NET architect user group
ASP.NET architect advice
ASP.NET architect awards
ASP.NET architect competition
ASP.NET architect problems
ASP.NET architect association
ASP.NET architect customers
ASP.NET architect client
ASP.NET architect sales
ASP.NET architect tools
ASP.NET architect system
ASP.NET Core developer forum
ASP.NET Core developer mailing list
ASP.NET Core developer community
ASP.NET Core developer group
ASP.NET Core developer Twitter
ASP.NET Core developer list
ASP.NET Core developer Facebook
ASP.NET Core developer share
ASP.NET Core developer sharing
ASP.NET Core developer chat
ASP.NET Core developer IRC
ASP.NET Core developer blog
ASP.NET Core developer best
ASP.NET Core developer resources
ASP.NET Core developer tutorials
ASP.NET Core developer help
ASP.NET Core developer FAQs
ASP.NET Core developer reviews
ASP.NET Core developer questions
ASP.NET Core developer wiki
ASP.NET Core developer meetup
ASP.NET Core developer user group
ASP.NET Core developer advice
ASP.NET Core developer awards
ASP.NET Core developer competition
ASP.NET Core developer problems
ASP.NET Core developer association
ASP.NET Core developer customers
ASP.NET Core developer client
ASP.NET Core developer sales
ASP.NET Core developer tools
ASP.NET Core developer system
ASP.NET Core engineer forum
ASP.NET Core engineer mailing list
ASP.NET Core engineer community
ASP.NET Core engineer group
ASP.NET Core engineer Twitter
ASP.NET Core engineer list
ASP.NET Core engineer Facebook
ASP.NET Core engineer share
ASP.NET Core engineer sharing
ASP.NET Core engineer chat
ASP.NET Core engineer IRC
ASP.NET Core engineer blog
ASP.NET Core engineer best
ASP.NET Core engineer resources
ASP.NET Core engineer tutorials
ASP.NET Core engineer help
ASP.NET Core engineer FAQs
ASP.NET Core engineer reviews
ASP.NET Core engineer questions
ASP.NET Core engineer wiki
ASP.NET Core engineer meetup
ASP.NET Core engineer user group
ASP.NET Core engineer advice
ASP.NET Core engineer awards
ASP.NET Core engineer competition
ASP.NET Core engineer problems
ASP.NET Core engineer association
ASP.NET Core engineer customers
ASP.NET Core engineer client
ASP.NET Core engineer sales
ASP.NET Core engineer tools
ASP.NET Core engineer system
ASP.NET Core programmer forum
ASP.NET Core programmer mailing list
ASP.NET Core programmer community
ASP.NET Core programmer group
ASP.NET Core programmer Twitter
ASP.NET Core programmer list
ASP.NET Core programmer Facebook
ASP.NET Core programmer share
ASP.NET Core programmer sharing
ASP.NET Core programmer chat
ASP.NET Core programmer IRC
ASP.NET Core programmer blog
ASP.NET Core programmer best
ASP.NET Core programmer resources
ASP.NET Core programmer tutorials
ASP.NET Core programmer help
ASP.NET Core programmer FAQs
ASP.NET Core programmer reviews
ASP.NET Core programmer questions
ASP.NET Core programmer wiki
ASP.NET Core programmer meetup
ASP.NET Core programmer user group
ASP.NET Core programmer advice
ASP.NET Core programmer awards
ASP.NET Core programmer competition
ASP.NET Core programmer problems
ASP.NET Core programmer association
ASP.NET Core programmer customers
ASP.NET Core programmer client
ASP.NET Core programmer sales
ASP.NET Core programmer tools
ASP.NET Core programmer system
ASP.NET Core architect forum
ASP.NET Core architect mailing list
ASP.NET Core architect community
ASP.NET Core architect group
ASP.NET Core architect Twitter
ASP.NET Core architect list
ASP.NET Core architect Facebook
ASP.NET Core architect share
ASP.NET Core architect sharing
ASP.NET Core architect chat
ASP.NET Core architect IRC
ASP.NET Core architect blog
ASP.NET Core architect best
ASP.NET Core architect resources
ASP.NET Core architect tutorials
ASP.NET Core architect help
ASP.NET Core architect FAQs
ASP.NET Core architect reviews
ASP.NET Core architect questions
ASP.NET Core architect wiki
ASP.NET Core architect meetup
ASP.NET Core architect user group
ASP.NET Core architect advice
ASP.NET Core architect awards
ASP.NET Core architect competition
ASP.NET Core architect problems
ASP.NET Core architect association
ASP.NET Core architect customers
ASP.NET Core architect client
ASP.NET Core architect sales
ASP.NET Core architect tools
ASP.NET Core architect system
C# developer forum
C# developer mailing list
C# developer community
C# developer group
C# developer Twitter
C# developer list
C# developer Facebook
C# developer share
C# developer sharing
C# developer chat
C# developer IRC
C# developer blog
C# developer best
C# developer resources
C# developer tutorials
C# developer help
C# developer FAQs
C# developer reviews
C# developer questions
C# developer wiki
C# developer meetup
C# developer user group
C# developer advice
C# developer awards
C# developer competition
C# developer problems
C# developer association
C# developer customers
C# developer client
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C# developer tools
C# developer system
C# engineer forum
C# engineer mailing list
C# engineer community
C# engineer group
C# engineer Twitter
C# engineer list
C# engineer Facebook
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C# engineer sharing
C# engineer chat
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C# engineer blog
C# engineer best
C# engineer resources
C# engineer tutorials
C# engineer help
C# engineer FAQs
C# engineer reviews
C# engineer questions
C# engineer wiki
C# engineer meetup
C# engineer user group
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C# engineer awards
C# engineer competition
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C# engineer association
C# engineer customers
C# engineer client
C# engineer sales
C# engineer tools
C# engineer system
C# programmer forum
C# programmer mailing list
C# programmer community
C# programmer group
C# programmer Twitter
C# programmer list
C# programmer Facebook
C# programmer share
C# programmer sharing
C# programmer chat
C# programmer IRC
C# programmer blog
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C# programmer resources
C# programmer tutorials
C# programmer help
C# programmer FAQs
C# programmer reviews
C# programmer questions
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C# programmer customers
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F# developer mailing list
F# developer community
F# developer group
F# developer Twitter
F# developer list
F# developer Facebook
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F# developer sharing
F# developer chat
F# developer IRC
F# developer blog
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F# developer reviews
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VB.NET developer forum
VB.NET developer mailing list
VB.NET developer community
VB.NET developer group
VB.NET developer Twitter
VB.NET developer list
VB.NET developer Facebook
VB.NET developer share
VB.NET developer sharing
VB.NET developer chat
VB.NET developer IRC
VB.NET developer blog
VB.NET developer best
VB.NET developer resources
VB.NET developer tutorials
VB.NET developer help
VB.NET developer FAQs
VB.NET developer reviews
VB.NET developer questions
VB.NET developer wiki
VB.NET developer meetup
VB.NET developer user group
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VB.NET developer awards
VB.NET developer competition
VB.NET developer problems
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VB.NET engineer mailing list
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VB.NET engineer Facebook
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VB.NET engineer sharing
VB.NET engineer chat
VB.NET engineer IRC
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VB.NET engineer FAQs
VB.NET engineer reviews
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VB.NET engineer user group
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VB.NET engineer problems
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VB.NET programmer mailing list
VB.NET programmer community
VB.NET programmer group
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VB.NET programmer Facebook
VB.NET programmer share
VB.NET programmer sharing
VB.NET programmer chat
VB.NET programmer IRC
VB.NET programmer blog
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VB.NET programmer tutorials
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VB.NET programmer questions
VB.NET programmer wiki
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VB.NET programmer problems
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VB.NET programmer client
VB.NET programmer sales
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VB.NET architect Facebook
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VB.NET architect IRC
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VB.NET architect problems
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VB.NET architect customers
VB.NET architect client
VB.NET architect sales
VB.NET architect tools
VB.NET architect system

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