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Last active December 6, 2022 14:31
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Simple tcp server using netcat
# Simple tcp server using netcat
# - depending on the netcat version either use nc -l 5555 or nc -l -p 5555
# - verify with `telnet locahhost 5555`
# - quit the telnet with `ctrl-]` and then type quit
# - the while loop is there so reopen the port after a client has disconnected
# - supports only one client at a time
while :; do nc -l -p $PORT | tee output.log; sleep 1; done
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r3duc3 commented Jan 23, 2021

ugh sorry, my question ends here. Thanks for your response

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Tuanm commented Dec 5, 2022

I want the server accept connection from outside(global), not only from inside(localhost)

I guess you've already found out the solution.

For guys who come here later, you have to run this script on a public machine (having a public IP address) to make it accessible globally. Of course, the port on which nc is listening must be open as well (using ufw).

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phuesler commented Dec 6, 2022

If that isn't the case, you can use a service like ngrok to make that port publicly available.

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