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VC19 plan
- Generate hyrax app: rails _5.1.6_ new vc19 -m
- Generate admin set: rake hyrax:default_admin_set:create hyrax:workflow:load
- Generate Work type: rails generate hyrax:work Video
- Add gems:
printf "\ngem 'hyrax-active_encode'" >> Gemfile
printf "\ngem 'aws-sdk'" >> Gemfile
- bundle install
- Run hyrax-active_encode generator: rails g hyrax:active_encode:install
- Configure for AWS:
+ config/initializers/hyrax.rb
+ app/services/elastic_transcoder_options_service.rb
Show upload:
- Adapter uploads to S3 masterfiles bucket and prefix with UUID to avoid collision. Show file on AWS console
- Show job
then streaming:
- Show derivative file created
Show any active_encode command line interaction?
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