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@phuongdh phuongdh/cap log
Last active Dec 16, 2015

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triggering load callbacks
* executing `staging'
triggering start callbacks for `deploy'
* executing `multistage:ensure'
* executing `deploy'
* executing `deploy:update'
** transaction: start
* executing `deploy:update_code'
* executing "ls -x /var/www/avalon/releases"
servers: [""]
[] executing command
command finished in 568ms
* executing "cd /var/www/avalon/releases/20130408165759"
servers: [""]
[] executing command
command finished in 432ms
* executing "sudo -p 'sudo password: ' -u avalon git checkout Gemfile.lock"
servers: [""]
[] executing command
** [out ::]
** [out ::] fatal: Cannot change to '/home/vov/..': Permission denied
command finished in 449ms
failed: "rvm_path=$HOME/.rvm/ $HOME/.rvm/bin/rvm-shell 'ruby-1.9.3@avalon' -c 'sudo -p '\\''sudo password: '\\'' -u avalon git checkout Gemfile.lock'" on
set :default_stage, "staging"
require 'capistrano/ext/multistage'
require 'rvm/capistrano'
require 'whenever/capistrano'
set :application, "avalon"
set :repository, "git://"
set :scm, :git
# Or: `accurev`, `bzr`, `cvs`, `darcs`, `git`, `mercurial`, `perforce`, `subversion` or `none`
set :deploy_to, "/var/www/avalon/"
set :user, "vov"
set :use_sudo, true
#set :rvm_type, :root
set :rvm_ruby_string, 'ruby-1.9.3@avalon' # Or:
#set :rvm_ruby_string, ENV['GEM_HOME'].gsub(/.*\//,"") # Read from local system
task :uname do
run "uname -a"
sudo "git checkout Gemfile.lock", as: "avalon"
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