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@phuongdh phuongdh/deploy.rb
Created Apr 12, 2013

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task :update_code do
run "cd #{current_release}; #{sudo :as => 'avalon'} git checkout Gemfile.lock; #{sudo :as => 'avalon'} git checkout config/role_map_development.yml; #{sudo :as => 'avalon'} git pull origin #{branch}"
task :migrate do
run "cd #{current_release}; #{sudo :as => 'avalon'} -i bundle exec rake RAILS_ENV=development db:migrate"

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cjcolvar commented Apr 12, 2013

task :sudo_test do
run "#{sudo :as => 'avalon'} -i -- sh -c 'cd #{current_release}; bundle exec rake RAILS_ENV=development -T'"

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