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[8] pry(main)> mo =
=> #<MediaObject pid:"", avalon_uploader:nil, avalon_publisher:nil, title:nil, alternative_title:[], translated_title:[], uniform_title:[], statement_of_responsibility:nil, creator:[], date_created:nil, date_issued:nil, copyright_date:nil, abstract:nil, note:[], format:nil, contributor:[], publisher:[], genre:[], subject:[], related_item:[], geographic_subject:[], temporal_subject:[], topical_subject:[], duration:nil, section_pid:[]>
[9] pry(main)> mo.DC.creator = "Adam"
=> "Adam"
[10] pry(main)> mo.DC.creator
=> ["Adam"]

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phuongdh commented Jul 3, 2013

Same as mo.avalon_uploader = "Adam"

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