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pichuang/ovs-ofctl help Secret

Created Mar 21, 2017
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$ ovs-ofctl --version
ovs-ofctl (Open vSwitch) 2.7.0
OpenFlow versions 0x1:0x4
$ ovs-ofctl --help
ovs-ofctl: OpenFlow switch management utility
usage: ovs-ofctl [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARG...]
For OpenFlow switches:
show SWITCH show OpenFlow information
dump-desc SWITCH print switch description
dump-tables SWITCH print table stats
dump-table-features SWITCH print table features
dump-table-desc SWITCH print table description (OF1.4+)
mod-port SWITCH IFACE ACT modify port behavior
mod-table SWITCH MOD modify flow table behavior
OF1.1/1.2 MOD: controller, continue, drop
OF1.4+ MOD: evict, noevict, vacancy:low,high, novacancy
get-frags SWITCH print fragment handling behavior
set-frags SWITCH FRAG_MODE set fragment handling behavior
FRAG_MODE: normal, drop, reassemble, nx-match
dump-ports SWITCH [PORT] print port statistics
dump-ports-desc SWITCH [PORT] print port descriptions
dump-flows SWITCH print all flow entries
dump-flows SWITCH FLOW print matching FLOWs
dump-aggregate SWITCH print aggregate flow statistics
dump-aggregate SWITCH FLOW print aggregate stats for FLOWs
queue-stats SWITCH [PORT [QUEUE]] dump queue stats
add-flow SWITCH FLOW add flow described by FLOW
add-flows SWITCH FILE add flows from FILE
mod-flows SWITCH FLOW modify actions of matching FLOWs
del-flows SWITCH [FLOW] delete matching FLOWs
replace-flows SWITCH FILE replace flows with those in FILE
diff-flows SOURCE1 SOURCE2 compare flows from two sources
monitor SWITCH [MISSLEN] [invalid_ttl] [watch:[...]]
print packets received from SWITCH
snoop SWITCH snoop on SWITCH and its controller
add-group SWITCH GROUP add group described by GROUP
add-groups SWITCH FILE add group from FILE
[--may-create] mod-group SWITCH GROUP modify specific group
del-groups SWITCH [GROUP] delete matching GROUPs
insert-buckets SWITCH [GROUP] add buckets to GROUP
remove-buckets SWITCH [GROUP] remove buckets from GROUP
dump-group-features SWITCH print group features
dump-groups SWITCH [GROUP] print group description
dump-group-stats SWITCH [GROUP] print group statistics
queue-get-config SWITCH [PORT] print queue config for PORT
add-meter SWITCH METER add meter described by METER
mod-meter SWITCH METER modify specific METER
del-meter SWITCH METER delete METER
del-meters SWITCH delete all meters
dump-meter SWITCH METER print METER configuration
dump-meters SWITCH print all meter configuration
meter-stats SWITCH [METER] print meter statistics
meter-features SWITCH print meter features
add-tlv-map SWITCH MAP add TLV option MAPpings
del-tlv-map SWITCH [MAP] delete TLV option MAPpings
dump-tlv-map SWITCH print TLV option mappings
dump-ipfix-bridge SWITCH print ipfix stats of bridge
dump-ipfix-flow SWITCH print flow ipfix of a bridge
ct-flush-zone SWITCH ZONE flush conntrack entries in ZONE
For OpenFlow switches and controllers:
probe TARGET probe whether TARGET is up
ping TARGET [N] latency of N-byte echos
benchmark TARGET N COUNT bandwidth of COUNT N-byte echos
SWITCH or TARGET is an active OpenFlow connection method.
Other commands:
ofp-parse FILE print messages read from FILE
ofp-parse-pcap PCAP print OpenFlow read from PCAP
Active OpenFlow connection methods:
tcp:IP[:PORT] PORT (default: 6653) at remote IP
ssl:IP[:PORT] SSL PORT (default: 6653) at remote IP
unix:FILE Unix domain socket named FILE
PKI configuration (required to use SSL):
-p, --private-key=FILE file with private key
-c, --certificate=FILE file with certificate for private key
-C, --ca-cert=FILE file with peer CA certificate
Daemon options:
--detach run in background as daemon
--no-chdir do not chdir to '/'
--pidfile[=FILE] create pidfile (default: /usr/local/var/run/openvswitch/
--overwrite-pidfile with --pidfile, start even if already running
OpenFlow version options:
-V, --version display version information
-O, --protocols set allowed OpenFlow versions
(default: OpenFlow10, OpenFlow11, OpenFlow12, OpenFlow13)
Logging options:
-vSPEC, --verbose=SPEC set logging levels
-v, --verbose set maximum verbosity level
--log-file[=FILE] enable logging to specified FILE
(default: /usr/local/var/log/openvswitch/ovs-ofctl.log)
specify how to send messages to syslog daemon
--syslog-target=HOST:PORT also send syslog msgs to HOST:PORT via UDP
Other options:
--strict use strict match for flow commands
--read-only do not execute read/write commands
--readd replace flows that haven't changed
-F, --flow-format=FORMAT force particular flow format
-P, --packet-in-format=FRMT force particular packet in format
-m, --more be more verbose printing OpenFlow
--timestamp (monitor, snoop) print timestamps
-t, --timeout=SECS give up after SECS seconds
--sort[=field] sort in ascending order
--rsort[=field] sort in descending order
--unixctl=SOCKET set control socket name
--color[=always|never|auto] control use of color in output
-h, --help display this help message
-V, --version display version information
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