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Pier Carlo Chiodi pierky

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meineerde / haproxy.config
Last active Oct 20, 2021
Set all cookies set in the HTTP response to HttpOnly
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acl httponly_cookie res.hdr(Set-Cookie),lower -m sub httponly
rspirep ^(set-cookie:.*) \1;\ HttpOnly if !httponly_cookie
rraptorr /
Last active Aug 31, 2021
Simple Certificate Transparency certificate submission client
import sys
import argparse, json, base64, struct
import urllib2
from datetime import datetime
LOGS = {
'icarus': '',
'pilot': '',
maciej /
Last active Jul 25, 2018
git: Change the commit and/or author date of git commits.
# Change the commit and/or author date of git commits.
# change-date [-f] commit-to-change [branch-to-rewrite [commit-date [author-date]]]
# If -f is supplied it is passed to "git filter-branch".
# If <branch-to-rewrite> is not provided or is empty HEAD will be used.
dupuy / README.rst
Last active Dec 1, 2021
Common markup for Markdown and reStructuredText
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Markdown and reStructuredText

GitHub supports several lightweight markup languages for documentation; the most popular ones (generally, not just at GitHub) are Markdown and reStructuredText. Markdown is sometimes considered easier to use, and is often preferred when the purpose is simply to generate HTML. On the other hand, reStructuredText is more extensible and powerful, with native support (not just embedded HTML) for tables, as well as things like automatic generation of tables of contents.