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Created March 6, 2017 10:03
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golang fish shell config
# config file
# vim ~/.config/fish/
# reload the config
# source ~/.config/fish/
# set the workspace path
set -x GOPATH /users/my-username/go
# add the go bin path to be able to execute our programs
set -x PATH $PATH /usr/local/go/bin $GOPATH/bin
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dorianmariefr commented Mar 28, 2021

set -x GOPATH $HOME/go
set -x PATH $PATH $GOPATH/bin

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fishuke commented Oct 31, 2021

set -x GOPATH $HOME/go
set -x PATH $PATH $GOPATH/bin

This is unrelated. We setup go in usr/local/go not in the main directory.

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Tip: make use of go env:

set -x GOPATH (go env GOPATH)
set -x PATH $PATH (go env GOPATH)/bin

...or, instead of (go env GOPATH)/bin use (go env GOBIN) if set.

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this worked for me given i installed it in the default location /usr/local/go and my go libraries will go into golibs

set -x GOROOT  /usr/local/go
set -x PATH $PATH $GOROOT/bin

set -x GOPATH $HOME/golibs
set -x PATH $PATH $GOPATH/bin

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