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diff --git a/config9.m4 b/config9.m4
index ce63132..217482e 100644
--- a/config9.m4
+++ b/config9.m4
@@ -2,14 +2,14 @@ dnl config.m4 for pecl/http
dnl $Id: config9.m4 242664 2007-09-18 19:13:37Z mike $
dnl vim: noet ts=4 sw=4
-PHP_ARG_WITH([http], [whether to enable extended HTTP support],
+PHP_ARG_ENABLE([pecl-http], [whether to enable extended HTTP support],
[ --with-http Enable extended HTTP support])
-PHP_ARG_WITH([http-zlib-dir], [],
-[ --with-http-zlib-dir[=DIR] HTTP: where to find zlib], $PHP_HTTP, $PHP_HTTP)
-PHP_ARG_WITH([http-libcurl-dir], [],
-[ --with-http-libcurl-dir[=DIR] HTTP: where to find libcurl], $PHP_HTTP, $PHP_HTTP)
-PHP_ARG_WITH([http-libevent-dir], [],
-[ --with-http-libevent-dir[=DIR] HTTP: where to find libevent], $PHP_HTTP_LIBCURL_DIR, "")
+PHP_ARG_WITH([http-zlib-dir], [HTTP: where to find zib],
+[ --with-http-zlib-dir[=DIR]], $PHP_HTTP, $PHP_HTTP)
+PHP_ARG_WITH([http-libcurl-dir], [HTTP: where to find libcurl],
+[ --with-http-libcurl-dir[=DIR]], $PHP_HTTP, $PHP_HTTP)
+PHP_ARG_WITH([http-libevent-dir], [HTTP: wherre to find libevent],
+[ --with-http-libevent-dir[=DIR]], $PHP_HTTP_LIBCURL_DIR, "")
if test "$PHP_HTTP" != "no"; then
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