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Last active Nov 28, 2019
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User reported stable regressions

User reported stable regressions

This gist contains a summary of all the regressions reported by users of Rust stable after its release. It only covers Rust 1.35.0 to Rust 1.38.0.


  • Broke valid code:
    • #65618: Criterion benchmarks hang with target-cpu=znver1
    • #65391: rust-lld since 1.38 overlaps .text with .rodata for embedded arm target
  • Worse performance or error messages regression:
    • #65970: Using retain() on a vector a lot slower in version 1.38.0 than 1.36.0
    • #65561: ICE when using 'impl Trait' with an infinity recursive function
    • #65383: Could not find enclosing breakable with id HirId


  • Broke valid code:
    • #64453: ICE: borrowck/check_loans: assertion failed: self.bccx.region_scope_tree.scopes_intersect(...)
    • #65610: dylib shared libraries will not make public symbols that may be necessary to link inlined code
    • #64340: Linking issue with Rust 1.37.0


  • Broke valid code:
    • #62770: Minor 1.36 rustdoc regression: ] after a link is not treated as an escape
    • #62649: internal compiler error: src/librustc/dep_graph/ DepNode Hir(...) should have been pre-allocated but wasn't.
  • Worse performance or worse error messages:
    • #63364: ICE when iterating over a u16 range whose bounds exceed 64k
    • #62439: 1.65x performance regression from 1.35.0 to 1.36.0


  • Worse performance or worse error messages:
    • #63430: [ICE] C-variadic functions are only valid with one or more fixed arguments
    • #62430: ICE: Rust spins when referencing associated types in where clause
    • #61944: internal compiler error: unexpected panic on 7 line double ref program
    • #61858: rustc runs out of memory when compiling an if statement with no block, enclosed in parentheses
    • #61623: rustc panic due to reference passed instead of mut reference
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