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To download magazine from when the download option has been disabled. in practice the script doesn't actually download the pdf, but rather download the images of the pages of the flash object and then combines those into a pdf
require 'mechanize'
require 'prawn'
running from terminal to download any pdf from, given
- magazine name
- page count
- document-id
prompt = "> "
puts "What is the name of the magazine you'd like to download from ps: this will be the name of your pdf file\n"
print prompt
magazine_name = gets.chomp
puts "How many pages does it have?\n ie 104\n"
print prompt
page_number = gets.chomp
puts "document Id? \n to get the 'document-id' inspect page in chrome,\n search for document-id and paste here,\n ie 140601160255-3a4c0f75ec731801ef369f5000f03104\n"
print prompt
document_id = gets.chomp
for i in 1..page_number.to_i
print "downloading\tpage n #{i}\n"
agent =
link = "{document_id.to_s}/jpg/page_#{i.to_s}.jpg"
agent.get(link).save "page_#{i.to_s}.jpg"
print "downloaded\tpage n #{i}\n"
print "images from 1 to #{page_number.to_s} downloaded as jpg\n"
########to combine all images into a pdf
Prawn::Document.generate("#{magazine_name}.pdf", :page_layout => :portrait) do |pdf|
for i in 1..page_number.to_i
pdf.image "page_#{i.to_s}.jpg", :at => [0,750], :width => 530
end#end of loop
print "images from 1 to #{page_number.to_s} combined into pdf \n"
########to delete all images, once pdf as been created, to clean up a bit
for i in 1..page_number.to_i
end#end of prawn
print "images from 1 to #{page_number.to_s} deleted \n"
# print "your pdf #{magazine_name}.pdf is in: \n #{Dir.pwd}"
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pietrop commented Jul 23, 2015

Sorry just saw this now, save it as a .rb file, and run it from terminal on your computer.
(you may need to install the mechanize and prawn gem if you don't have them already...)
more on this project here,

hope this helps

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71m383nd3r commented Nov 7, 2016

is it possible to make a drop gui with a link, as well to make just a jpg to pdf converter, why am I asking because I have downloaded some jpg before.

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rastiazul commented Nov 24, 2018

there are no results when I search for documentId

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vladox commented Oct 10, 2020

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wyatt-wong commented Nov 3, 2021


The quality of the PDF document is not good enough using

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