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Image Averaging Photoshop Script
Orginal script written by Neil Farquharson |
Augmented by Garry George |
Version 1.0.0
Date April 2018
Copy into your scripts folder in Photoshop
Load your frames to be image averaged into a single photoshop document. E.G. if you have 5 frames, they should be stacked in one document as 5 seperate layers.
At the prompt enter a number typically between 2 and 10: note the script does NOT test the input. Select NO to the merge request in this first pass.
Leave the default 100 for normal use, ie a single block, which you can merge if you wish.
After the first pass you will have clearly deleneated blocks of variable opacity: merge each block manually by selecting them.
These merged blocks can then be reprocessed with the script to a single layer, ie YES to merge request.
if (documents.length == 0)
alert("There are no documents open.");
var myDoc = activeDocument;
var layerRef = myDoc.activeLayer;
var myLayerCount = myDoc.layers.length-1;
var blockNum = 1;
if (myDoc.layers.length == 1 && layerRef.isBackgroundLayer == true)
alert("The Background layer cannot be hidden when it's the only layer in a document.");
numLayers = 1;
numLayers = Number(prompt("Number = ?","100","Number of layers per block?"));
for (var myCounter = myLayerCount; myCounter >= 0; myCounter--)
var myLayer = myDoc.layers[myLayerCount - myCounter]
var o = 0;
o = getImageAverageOpacity(myCounter); = "Block " + blockNum;
myLayer.opacity = o;
if (o == 100) {blockNum = blockNum + 1};
if (confirm("Do you want to merge the visible layers now?"))
function getImageAverageOpacity(LayerNum) {
var temp = LayerNum % numLayers;
var newOpacity = 100 * ( 1 / (1 + temp));
return newOpacity;
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