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Decrypt Laravel-encrypted value
import base64
import json
from phpserialize import loads
import hashlib
import hmac
from Crypto.Cipher import AES
def decrypt(payload, key):
Decrypt strings that have been encrypted using Laravel's encrypter (AES-256 encryption).
Plain text is encrypted in Laravel using the following code:
>>> ciphertext = Crypt::encrypt('hello world');
The ciphertext is a base64's json-encoded array consisting of the following keys:
'iv' => 'generated initialization vector (iv)',
'value' => 'encrypted, base64ed, signed value',
'mac' => 'message authentication code (mac)'
The 'value' is signed using a message authentication code (MAC) so verify that the value has not changed during
payload (str): Laravel encrypted text.
key (str): Encryption key (base64 decoded). Make sure 'base64:' has been removed from string.
str: plaintext
data = json.loads(base64.b64decode(payload))
if not valid_mac(key, data):
return None
value = base64.b64decode(data['value'])
iv = base64.b64decode(data['iv'])
return unserialize(mcrypt_decrypt(value, iv, key)).decode("utf-8")
def mcrypt_decrypt(value, iv, key):
return crypt_object.decrypt(value)
def unserialize(serialized):
return loads(serialized)
def valid_mac(key, data):
dig =, digestmod=hashlib.sha256)
dig = dig.hexdigest()
return dig==data['mac']

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@rexpontius rexpontius commented Dec 15, 2019

Thank you so much for this example, have been searching for hours to find something to decode Laravel stored data.

I installed Python (3.8) and Visual C++ components.
If I add:

print(decrypt(payload, key)) (where payload and key are strings), the script runs but gives 'none' as answer.

I have the feeling I am really close, but missing somehting.
Any help is massively appreciated

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