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Last active Dec 9, 2018
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One of the less popular way to deal with objects in Javascript that I love
var personHelper = {
init: function(name, nick) { = name;
this.nick = nick;
identify: function() {
console.log( "I am " + + " and my nickname is " + this.nick);
var person = Object.create(personHelper);
person.changeNick = function(nick) {
this.nick = nick;
var laura = Object.create( person );
laura.init( "Laura", "javaScripter89");
var mario = Object.create( person );
mario.init( "Mario", "csharperr80");

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@pimoGit pimoGit commented Dec 9, 2018

This is a gist just to be embedded in a nice way, into my post titled: "WRITING JAVASCRIPT THAT ACTS LIKE JAVASCRIPT
Behavior Delegation - OLOO pattern."
This part is the "OLOO way" that I love.
This is compared with the previous here:

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