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Created December 20, 2016 21:24
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Update Check Shell Script for Shopware
# Description
# This script will send an email when new updates for your Shopware installation are available.
# A Bash-script runed by an cronjob checks via console command for new updates and send you a mail.
# Usage
# Set SHOPWARE_PATH to your shopware docroot path. Change MAILTO to your email address.
# Try it and finally add a new cronjob to run once every night.
SUBJECT="Shopware Update!"
MAIL=$(which mail)
PHPCLI=$(which php)
$PHPCLI $SHOPWARE_PATH/bin/console sw:store:list:updates --no-ansi > $TMPFLE
if [[ $(wc -l $TMPFLE | cut -d" " -f1) > 3 ]]; then
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