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Last active December 31, 2021 12:09
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Connect Fingertip lightweight HNS resolver + DANE verifying proxy to Firefox


After downloading, installing, and starting Fingertip for the first time, your default browser will open with a simple landing page that provides you a path to a certificate file (or a download link if you want to save it somewhere else) and a URL for the proxy server:


Open Firefox settings

Click the three-lines button on the right side of the browser window and go to "settings":


Open the certificate manager

From the left side of the settings screen, click "Privacy & Security" and then click "View Certificates":


Import the DNSSEC certificate

Click "import..." at the bottom of this window and navigate to the certificate from the welcome page:


Set the certificate trust

Click both "trust" boxes in the dialog box that opens after importing the certificate:


Open proxy settings

From the left side of the settings screen, click "General", scroll down and click "Settings..." under "Network Settings":


Configure proxy server

Select "Automatic proxy configuration URL" and enter the URL form the welcome page:


You're done!

Welcome to SECURE web browsing on Handshake domains!

Check out a few:




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