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Last active Jul 14, 2020
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I am always available on Twitter, IRC, Telegram, Stack Exchange, Slack, Github and (sometimes) Discord. I reply to almost every message I receive and since 2018 have been supporting developers interested in bcoin and Handshake. I've helped individual users and business integrate Bitcoin and Handhsake all over the world. This service for the community will continue with professionalism and patience.


Currently open issues:

Other known issues:

From bcoin:

In Review:



  • peer discovery
    • without brontide
  • Use HS class for chain status via DNS query
  • Merge mainnet patches

Application Layer

  • Integrate hnsd + libhns (for DANE verification) into fork of Firefox
  • Implement "watchtowers" to auto-reveal pre-signed TXs from offline wallets like Bob
  • Launch nameserver wizard to help HNS TLD owners launch websites or redirect to their existing site
  • BTC/HNS cross-chain atomic swaps
  • On-chain HNS/name swaps (decentralized secondary market)

Community and Documentation


BTC: bc1qq4hhuusn3m8fzd47w3tjvltvr9klv88rpt6ssq

HNS: hs1qde7jaw6qgzzfu83upn3twvsyhh0zrshg76qe0x

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