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# Usage:
# echo "GET REKT" | ruby pinouchonizer.rb
letters ="\n\n")
puts( do |c|
letters[c.ord - 65]
end.join("\n\n").gsub('x', ':pinouchon:').gsub(' ', ' ')

Looping with map:

players = [new Player('foo'), new Player('bar'), new Player('baz')];

var i = 42; (p) {

 p_ref = p;
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Will humans be reduced to manual labor, as that's the only role that makes economic sense?
No, robots will be better than humans at manual labor, too.

That said, though, MI is no picnic; mixins seem to be a better solution, but nobody has solved the problem perfectly yet. But I'll still take Java over C++, even without MI, because I know that no matter how good my intentions are, I will at some point be surrounded by people who don't know how to code, and they will do far less damage with Java than with C++.

For the most part, Ruby took Perl's string processing and Unix integration as-is, meaning the syntax is identical, and so right there, before anything else happens, you already have the Best of Perl. And that's a great start, especially if you don't take the Rest of Perl.

Every week I get approached by someone with a “game changing” idea. All they need is someone to execute it. “Hey, I’ve heard you are good at IT stuff, let’s start up!”. Well, no.