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piotrwitek / function with an array argument restricted to accept only unique values.ts
Last active Apr 20, 2019
Typing a function with an array argument restricted to accept only unique values
View function with an array argument restricted to accept only unique values.ts
// TS v3.4.3
declare function createTest<TAll>(): <
A extends TAll,
B extends Exclude<TAll, A>,
C extends Exclude<TAll, A | B>,
D extends Exclude<TAll, A | B | C>,
E extends Exclude<TAll, A | B | C | D>
arr: [A] | [A, B] | [A, B, C] | [A, B, C, D] | [A, B, C, D, E]
View curry-variadic.ts
type Init<T extends any[], TTail extends any[] = TailArray<T>> = CastArray<{
[K in keyof TTail]: T[keyof T & K];
type PotentialArgs<T extends any[], TResult extends any[] = T> = {
"continue": PotentialArgs<Init<T>, TResult | Init<T>>;
"end": TResult;
}[T extends [] ? "end" : "continue"]
type Args<T extends Function> =
piotrwitek / download-link-using-blob.tsx
Last active May 27, 2019
create download link for protected resources using blob
View download-link-using-blob.tsx
piotrwitek / interface augmentation typing fun.ts
Created Aug 7, 2017 — forked from SamPruden/interface augmentation typing fun.ts
Messing around with a trick that allows basic type switching in TypeScript, and provides the ability to make DeepReadonly<T>
View interface augmentation typing fun.ts
// This is me playing around with a cool (but dirty) trick
// Some interfaces can be globally augmented to provide info to the type system
// This then allows some basic type switch and retrieval operations
// I needed a DeepReadonly<T> for a thing, I think I have it now
// Built/tested in 2.5.0-dev20170803
// - This needs lots of tidying and renaming
// - Do more stuff
piotrwitek / stdlib.ts
Created Aug 2, 2017 — forked from tycho01/stdlib.ts
Type-level standard library for TypeScript
View stdlib.ts
// NOTE: code now moved to
// older revision left here, but it no longer runs well in TS Playground
export type Obj<T> = { [k: string]: T };
export type NumObj<T> = { [k: number]: T };
// export type List = ArrayLike; // no unapplied generic types :(
export type List<T> = ArrayLike<T>;
// progress:
export function force<T, V extends T>() {}
piotrwitek / gist:aa6607d3f19f508f58a0912c76c32ef2
Created Jan 14, 2017
Object.assign for type-safe partial state updates
View gist:aa6607d3f19f508f58a0912c76c32ef2
* @export Object.assign for type-safe partial state updates
* @interface ObjectConstructor
export interface ObjectConstructor {
assign<T>(targetState: {}, sourceState: T, ...partialStates: Partial<T>[]): T;
export declare const Object: ObjectConstructor;
piotrwitek / element-animations.ts
Last active Nov 23, 2016
Element animations library for React
View element-animations.ts
// available animations
export const Animations = {
WIGGLE: 'u-anim-wiggle',
const ANIMATION_END = 'animationend';
// HOF for callbacks
export const animateWith = (animation: string) =>
(ev: any) => {
piotrwitek / tslint.json
Last active Apr 20, 2019
TSLint rules with ESLint/React extension based on airbnb style guide
View tslint.json
"rules": {
"align": [
"ban": false,
"class-name": true,
piotrwitek /
Last active Mar 10, 2019
Investigation on linting options available for TypeScript & React

Recent TSLint v5.0 config

Use TSLint with rules based on airbnb style guide and some extensions

  • TSLint airbnb style guide:
  • TSLint React rules:
  • Manually add missing airbnb ESLint rules for TSLint:
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