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Captivate SCORM 2004 Output, preventing redundant GetLastError calls
/*global CaptivateSWF */
var SCORM_API = null,
unloaded = false,
isInitialized = false,
isTerminated = false,
value_store = [],
setValueWasSuccessful = true;
cmiCache(property, value)
Caches CMI value to help prevent sending duplicate data to LMS
Parameters: property (CMI property name), value (CMI value, normally a string)
Returns: property value if cached version found, false if not cached.
var cmiCache = function(property, value){
//Ensure we have a valid property to work with
if(typeof property === "undefined"){ return false; }
//Replace all periods in CMI property names so we don't run into JS errors
property = property.replace(/\./g,'_');
//If cached value exists, return it
if(typeof value_store[property] !== "undefined"){
return value_store[property];
//Otherwise add to cache
if(typeof value !== "undefined"){
value_store[property] = value;
return false;
Adapted from pipwerks SCORM wrapper
Looks for an object named API in parent and opener windows
Parameters: window (the browser window object).
Returns: Object if API is found, null if no API found
var findAPI = function(win){
var API,
findAttempts = 0,
findAttemptLimit = 500;
while (!win.API_1484_11 && win.parent && win.parent != win && findAttempts <= findAttemptLimit){
win = win.parent;
API = win.API_1484_11 || null;
alert("Error finding API. \nFind attempts: " +findAttempts +". \nFind attempt limit: " +findAttemptLimit);
return API;
Adapted from pipwerks SCORM wrapper
Looks for an object named API_1484_11, first in the current window's frame
hierarchy and then, if necessary, in the current window's opener window
hierarchy (if there is an opener window).
Parameters: None.
Returns: Object if API found, null if no API found
var getAPI = function(){
var API = null,
win = window;
//Look in parent windows first
if(win.parent && win.parent != win){
API = findAPI(win.parent);
//Look in opener windows next
if(!API &&{
API = findAPI(;
//Plateau LMS needs special hand-holding
if(!API && && {
API = findAPI(;
//if(!API){ alert("getAPI failed: Can't find the API!"); }
return API;
var Captivate_DoExternalInterface = function (command, parameter, value, variable) {
console.log("Captivate_DoExternalInterface: " +command +", " +parameter +", " +value);
var strErr = "true",
intercept = false;
//Ensure SCORM API was initialized
if(!isInitialized){ return; }
if(command === "Initialize"){
//We already initialized, just nod politely
//and tell the SWF everything is okay!
} else if(command === "SetValue"){
if(parameter === "completion_status"){ courseStatus = value; }
//Check to see if value is already cached
var cached_value = cmiCache(parameter, value);
//Only send value to LMS if it hasn't already been sent;
//If value is cached and matches what is about to be sent
//to the LMS, prevent value from being sent a second time.
if(!cached_value || cached_value !== value){
console.log(parameter +"(" +value +") is not cached. Sending to LMS.");
strErr = SCORM_API.SetValue(parameter, value);
setValueWasSuccessful = (strErr === "true");
} else {
console.log(parameter +"(" +value +") has already been sent. Preventing redundant LMS communication.");
//Fakin' it for Captivate's sake.
setValueWasSuccessful = true;
} else if(command === "Terminate"){
strErr = SCORM_API.Terminate("");
isTerminated = (strErr === "true");
} else if(command === "Commit"){
strErr = SCORM_API.Commit("");
} else if(command === "GetLastError"){
if(lastCommand === "SetValue" && setValueWasSuccessful){
strErr = "";
console.log("Last Get/Set was successful. Preventing pointless GetLastError invocation.");
} else {
strErr = SCORM_API.GetLastError();
} else if(value && value.length > 0){
strErr = SCORM_API[command](parameter);
CaptivateSWF.SetScormVariable(variable, strErr);
lastCommand = command;
return strErr;
var initializeSCORM = function (){
isInitialized = SCORM_API.Initialize("");
console.log("SCORM initialized. Ready to go!");
courseStatus = SCORM_API.GetValue("cmi.completion_status");
if(courseStatus === "not attempted"){
SCORM_API.SetValue("cmi.completion_status", "incomplete");
var unloadHandler = function (){
if(!unloaded && isInitialized && !isTerminated){
var exit_status = (courseStatus === "incomplete") ? "suspend" : "normal";
SCORM_API.SetValue("cmi.exit", exit_status); //Set exit to whatever is needed
SCORM_API.Commit(""); //Ensure that LMS saves all data
isTerminated = (SCORM_API.Terminate("") === "true"); //close the SCORM API connection properly
unloaded = true; //Ensure we don't invoke unloadHandler more than once.
window.onbeforeunload = unloadHandler;
window.onunload = unloadHandler;
//Initialize SCORM API
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