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Get platform details for current OS (print or use as a library). Works with Linux, OS X and Windows.
import sys
import platform as pl
def get_os_release():
if pl.system() == "Darwin":
var = pl.mac_ver()[0] # mac release
elif pl.system() == "Linux":
var = pl.linux_distribution() # which linux distro
elif pl.system() == "Windows":
var = pl.release() # which windows release
return var
def get_arch():
if pl.machine() == "x86_64":
var = 64
elif pl.machine() == "x86":
var = 32
return var
def get_kernel_version():
if pl.system() == "Darwin":
var = pl.release()
elif pl.system() == "Linux":
var = pl.release()
elif pl.system() == "Windows":
var = pl.version()
return var
def get_platform_info():
return pl.system(), get_os_release(), get_arch(), get_kernel_version(), sys.version.split(" ")[0], pl.uname()[1]
def print_platform_info():
print pl.system() # which OS
print get_os_release() # which OS release
print get_arch() # which architecture is in use
print get_kernel_version() # print kernel version
print sys.version.split(" ")[0] # print python version in use
print pl.uname()[1] # print computer name
if __name__ == '__main__':
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