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Last active Jan 24, 2019
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An Example To Connect To Remote Server And Download PostgreSQL Log File
const path = require('path');
const Ssh = require('node-ssh');
const moment = require('moment');
const tar = require('tar');
async function downloadSlowQueryLog(sshInfo, sshPassword, remoteSlowQueryLogDir, slowQueryLogFileName, localSlowQueryLogFilePath) {
const ssh = new Ssh();
const remoteSlowQueryLogFilePath = remoteSlowQueryLogDir + '/' + slowQueryLogFileName;
// Connect to remote server
await ssh.connect(sshInfo);
// Compress log file
await ssh.execCommand('sudo tar zcf ' + slowQueryLogFileName + '.tgz ' + slowQueryLogFileName, {stdin: sshPassword + '\n', cwd: remoteSlowQueryLogDir, options: {pty: true}});
// Download log file
await ssh.getFile(localSlowQueryLogFilePath + '.tgz', remoteSlowQueryLogFilePath + '.tgz');
// Remove compressed log file from server
await ssh.execCommand('sudo rm ' + slowQueryLogFileName + '.tgz', {stdin: sshPassword + '\n', cwd: remoteSlowQueryLogDir, options: {pty: true}});
// Disconect from server
await ssh.dispose();
async function main() {
const sshPassword = 'SSH_PASSWORD';
const sshInfo = {
host: 'SSH_HOST',
port: SSH_PORT,
username: 'SSH_USER',
password: sshPassword
const ts = moment().format('YYYYMMDDHHmmss');
const slowQueryLogFileName = 'postgresql-Wed.log';
const remoteSlowQueryLogDir = '/path/to/log/dir';
const localSlowQueryLogDir = 'C:/path/to/local/log/dir';
const localSlowQueryFileName = ts + '_' + slowQueryLogFileName;
const localSlowQueryLogFilePath = path.join(localSlowQueryLogDir, localSlowQueryFileName);
await downloadSlowQueryLog(sshInfo, sshPassword, remoteSlowQueryLogDir, slowQueryLogFileName, localSlowQueryLogFilePath);
console.log('slow query log download completed.');
// Decompress downloaded log file
await tar.x({
file: localSlowQueryLogFilePath + '.tgz',
cwd: localSlowQueryLogDir
console.log('untar completed.');
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