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An Example To Resize Image Files Using OpenCV And Node.js
const path = require('path');
const fs = require('fs');
const cv = require('opencv4nodejs');
function resizeImagesToMax(srcDirPath, destDirPath, maxWidthHeight) {
const srcFileList = fs.readdirSync(srcDirPath);
for (const srcFileName of srcFileList) {
if (!srcFileName.endsWith('.JPG')) {
console.log('Processing ', srcFileName, '...');
const imgMat = cv.imread(path.join(srcDirPath, srcFileName));
const imgMatConverted = imgMat.resizeToMax(maxWidthHeight);
cv.imwrite(path.join(destDirPath, srcFileName), imgMatConverted);
function main() {
const srcDirPath = 'SOURCE_DIRECTORY_PATH';
const destDirPath = 'DEST_DIRECTORY_PATH';
resizeImagesToMax(srcDirPath, destDirPath, 100);
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