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Node v0.8 roadmap
- Move the remaining platform functions from src/platform-*.cc into libuv.
- Get rid of waf. Waf is an ugly build system. All platforms will build
using gyp. (Ben)
- Extensions. We need to define an easy and suggested way of building
extensions, which should be similar across all supported platforms. (Bert,
- Isolates. Node will allow users to spawn "child processes" that actually
run in a thread. We have to get rid of all the global variables in node.
Compiled extensions need know which isolate they're targeting, and we need
to decide if we want to load the extension multiple times or just once.
Also, some changes to libuv are necessary, since we will have to completely
clean up a loop. Finally we'll have to deal with debugging a multi-threaded
node process. (Node work: Ryan, Ben; Libuv work: all)
- improvements. We need to have decent fallback mechanism for
supporting remote filesystems. Also, we need to define its semantics more
clearly (for example, what happens when a watched object gets deleted or
renamed?) and make sure behavior is the same on all platforms. (all)
- Domains. Domains provide a lightweight isolation mechanism for all i/o
related to a particular network connection (e.g. an incoming http request).
If an unhandled error is encountered, all i/o local to that particular
domain is canceled and all handles are cleaned up. An experimental
implementation can be found at (Bert, Ryan)
- Better slab allocator. Currently node uses a slab allocator to provide
read buffers for incoming data streams. This slab allocator is only
reasonably efficient for network connections and local pipes on Unix, and on
Windows when zero reads are used. For file i/o and buffered reads on Windows
we need a better story. (Igor)
- Streams. The streams api is currently too complicated, it is very difficult
for people to define their own stream class that plays nice with Stream.pipe.
The api should be streamlined, naming should be more consistent and easy
to understand. Stream.pipe should be used within node's core where possible
instead of relying on some ad-hoc pipe implementation. (Isaac)
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