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// Capture - remove by function pointer and data
void AddGCPrologueCallback(GCCallbackWithData callback, void* data = nullptr, GCType gc_type_filter = kGCTypeAll);
void RemoveGCPrologueCallback(GCCallbackWithData, void* data = nullptr);
void AddGCEpilogueCallback(GCCallbackWithData callback, void* data = nullptr, GCType gc_type_filter = kGCTypeAll);
void RemoveGCEpilogueCallback(GCCallbackWithData callback, void* data = nullptr);
void AddMicrotasksCompletedCallback(MicrotasksCompletedCallbackWithData callback, void* data = nullptr);
void RemoveMicrotasksCompletedCallback(MicrotasksCompletedCallbackWithData callback, void* data = nullptr) = 0;
// Capture - but remove by ptr only
bool AddMessageListener(MessageCallback that, Local<Value> data = Local<Value>());
void RemoveMessageListeners(MessageCallback that);
void AddNearHeapLimitCallback(NearHeapLimitCallback callback, void* data);
void RemoveNearHeapLimitCallback(NearHeapLimitCallback callback, size_t heap_limit);
// Capture - remove by overwriting
void SetAtomicsWaitCallback(AtomicsWaitCallback callback, void* data);
// Capture. Runs once or never
void RequestInterrupt(InterruptCallback callback, void* data);
void EnqueueMicrotask(MicrotaskCallback callback, void* data = nullptr);
// Capture. Runs once, guaranteed.
static std::unique_ptr<BackingStore> NewBackingStore(void* data, size_t byte_length, v8::BackingStore::DeleterCallback deleter, void* deleter_data);
// Capture but callback is called inline; data can be &mut and need not be 'static.
// Wrapped in the C++ variant of a 'Box<dyn>' by V8.
void SetDefaultContext(Local<Context> context, SerializeInternalFieldsCallback callback = SerializeInternalFieldsCallback());
static Local<Context> New( Isolate* isolate, ExtensionConfiguration* extensions = nullptr, MaybeLocal<ObjectTemplate> global_template = MaybeLocal<ObjectTemplate>(), MaybeLocal<Value> global_object = MaybeLocal<Value>(), DeserializeInternalFieldsCallback internal_fields_deserializer = DeserializeInternalFieldsCallback(), MicrotaskQueue* microtask_queue = nullptr);
// No capture, but removable.
void AddBeforeCallEnteredCallback(BeforeCallEnteredCallback callback);
void RemoveBeforeCallEnteredCallback(BeforeCallEnteredCallback callback);
void AddCallCompletedCallback(CallCompletedCallback callback);
void RemoveCallCompletedCallback(CallCompletedCallback callback);
// No capture. Odd case - user type in return value/param.
CreateHistogramCallback create_histogram_callback;
AddHistogramSampleCallback add_histogram_sample_callback;
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