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Matrix Check
{exp:channel:entries channel="standard_page" limit="1"}
<div class="wrapper main-container">
<article class="main-content">
{!-- if there are no section fields content we are a standard content page --}
{if mx_standard_sections != "1"}
{!-- if there are section fields we're a long page with jump to content
using simple conditions for performance --}
{if mx_standard_sections == "1"}
{!-- different heading structure for first row --}
{if row_count == "1"}
<hgroup><h2 id="heading{row_count}">{heading}</h2></hgroup>
{if row_count != "1"}
<h2 id="heading{row_count}">{heading}</h2>
</article><!-- end main content -->
</div> <!-- close wrapper, main-container -->
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