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Last active Sep 7, 2020
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JSoup clojure snippet
(ns jsoup-scraping.core
(:require [clojure.string :as str]
[ :as csv]
[ :as io])
(:import org.jsoup.Jsoup))
(def newegg-url "")
(defn fetch-page [url]
(.get (Jsoup/connect url)))
(defn dom-elements [root selector]
(.select root selector))
(defn dom-text [root selector]
(-> (dom-elements root selector)
(defn dom-attr [root selector attribute]
(-> (dom-elements root selector)
(.attr attribute)))
(defn parse-product [item]
(let [product-name (-> (dom-text item ".item-title")
(str/replace "," "|"))
brand (-> (dom-attr item "div.item-branding > a > img" "title"))
shipping (-> (dom-text item "div.item-action ul.price > li.price-ship")
(str/replace "$" "")
(str/replace "Shipping" ""))]
[brand product-name shipping]))
(def csv-headers
["brand" "product_name" "shipping"])
(defn generate-csv [filename url]
(let [html (fetch-page url)
csv-rows (map parse-product (dom-elements html "div.item-container"))]
(with-open [writer (io/writer filename)]
(csv/write-csv writer (cons csv-headers csv-rows)))))
(defn -main []
(generate-csv "test-graphics.csv" newegg-url))
(def html (fetch-page newegg-url))
(def items (dom-elements html "div.item-container"))
(dom-text (first items) ".item-title")
(dom-attr (first items) ".item-branding > a > img" "title")
(parse-product (first items))
(generate-csv "graphics_cards.csv" newegg-url)
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