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Last active January 4, 2020 23:02
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Checked and Unchecked exceptions in Scala
public class FakeService {
public class CustomCheckedException extends Throwable {}
public class CustomUncheckedException extends RuntimeException {}
public void doSomethingWithCheckedExceptions() throws CustomCheckedException {
throw new CustomCheckedException();
public void doSomethingWithUncheckedExceptions() {
throw new CustomUncheckedException();
object Main {
// Note that main does not need to declare that it can throws the checked exception CustomCheckedException
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
val fs = new FakeService()
fs.doSomethingWithUncheckedExceptions() // Compiles and throws a CustomUncheckedException
fs.doSomethingWithCheckedExceptions() // Compiles and throws a CustomCheckedException
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