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Forked from anonymous/Hello World.asm
Last active September 24, 2017 07:50
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Commented Z80 Hello World
autoexec ; Automatically Execute the Program
ORG 32768 ; Store the program in User Address Space
; Print an ASCII Table with 96 Characters
print_test: LD B,96 ; We want 96 characters in our ASCII Tabe
LD A,32 ; 32 is the ASCII code for space
loop2: LD C,A ; Temp store for the A Register as it's zeroed by the RST 16 call below
RST 16 ; Output A to current stream (Print the character in the A Register)
LD A,C ; Retrieve the A Register
ADD A,1 ; Set for the next ASCII Character
CP B ; Check if we've reached the last character
JR NZ,loop2 ; Keep looping until A=96
; Print a Text String
print_text: LD HL,text2 ; Set pointer to start of text
LD B,20 ; Set up loop counter, 20 characters to print
print_loop: LD A,(HL) ; Get character from pointer
RST 16 ; Print character
INC HL ; Move to next character
DJNZ print_loop ; If we've not yet reach the last character, then loop
; Now we wait for the User to press a key
wait_for_key: CALL &0169 ; Read the Keyboard (Zero if no key)
JR Z,wait_for_key ; If no key pressed, then loop
; A key was pressed....
RET ; Return back to BASIC
; Some Text Data
text2: DM "Howsaboutis, then!!!"
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