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Remove USB Guard From Ubuntu

Remove USB Guard From Ubuntu

If you're a sucker like me and installed usbguard on a Ubuntu variant you may find that you will have access to none of your usb devices at all, because F you. The installer automatically sets up the daemon which has no rules so will just block all of your devices. Doing a basic apt remove usbguard may fail at 25%, because also F you.

My kernel is version 4.15.0-47-generic, not sure if this stopped working at some point or what.

Regain Access

sudo echo "allow id *:*" > /etc/usbguard/rules.conf
sudo sed -i 's/PresentDevicePolicy=apply-policy/PresentDevicePolicy=allow/' /etc/usbguard/usbguard-daemon.conf
sudo reboot

Reboot may hang at stopping usbguard, again, because F you. Power off or wait. You'll hopefully have access to your devices when your machine comes back up.

Stop & Disable Services

sudo systemctl stop usbguard.service
sudo systemctl disable usbguard.service
sudo systemctl stop usbguard-dbus.service
sudo systemctl disable usbguard-dbus.service

Uninstall and Purge

sudo apt remove usbguard -y
sudo apt purge usbguard -y

Remove Conf Files

sudo rm -rf /etc/usbguard/


I had issues until I rebooted for whatever reason.

 sudo reboot

Now you're free!

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