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user=> (defn ^bytes foo ^bytes [] (byte-array [(byte 1) (byte 2)]))
user=> (meta #'foo)
{:ns #<Namespace user>, :name foo, :file "NO_SOURCE_PATH", :column 1, :line 4, :arglists ([]), :tag #<core$bytes clojure.core$bytes@3a9e7c70>}

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JacekLach commented Jul 23, 2013

net.lshift.can.webapp.main-dynamic=> (defn foo ^bytes [] (byte-array [(byte 1) (byte 2)]))
net.lshift.can.webapp.main-dynamic=> (:arglists (meta #'foo))
net.lshift.can.webapp.main-dynamic=> (meta (first (:arglists (meta #'foo))))
{:tag bytes}
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