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This sample script creates a new storage account in Azure with the name "pkstoragesample1" in the region West Europe. After creation we retrieve the properties of the newly created account.
New-AzureStorageAccount -Location "West Europe" -StorageAccountName pkstoragesample1
<# Output
OperationDescription OperationId OperationStatus
-------------------- ----------- ---------------
New-AzureStorageAccount 1a0b1f83-3539-5a44-8dc2-81ddbd303b59 Succeeded
Get-AzureStorageAccount -StorageAccountName pkstoragesample1
<# Output
StorageAccountDescription :
AffinityGroup :
Location : West Europe
GeoReplicationEnabled : True
GeoPrimaryLocation : West Europe
GeoSecondaryLocation : North Europe
Label : pkstoragesample1
StorageAccountStatus : Created
StatusOfPrimary : Available
StatusOfSecondary : Available
Endpoints : {,,,}
AccountType : Standard_GRS
StorageAccountName : pkstoragesample1
OperationDescription : Get-AzureStorageAccount
OperationId : 69e4e110-7f99-5181-9ad9-8a11ad194cf5
OperationStatus : Succeeded
WARNUNG: GeoReplicationEnabled property will be deprecated in a future release of Azure PowerShell. The value will be merged into the AccountType property.
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