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Paul Kourany pkourany

  • ITWorx Services
  • Ottawa, Canada
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pkourany / keybd.cpp
Created Mar 6, 2016
Digole Touch Keyboard Demo
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* communicate with us and other user
* buyer Digole module
* Digole Serial display module with touch screen demo
* This demo will show you how to write data (u8g fonts, command set to onboard
* flush memory, then use it. Also show you Checkbox and Radio buttons
* The onboard flash memory is 2M bytes
* NOTE: if you using UART mode, you need to disconnect the RX from Arduino
* When you uploading your sketch
pkourany / K30_basic.ino
Created Dec 9, 2014
KSeries -Library for interfacing with a K-series serial sensor adapted for Spark
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Basic Arduino example for K-Series sensor
Created by Jason Berger
#include "kSeries.h"
kSeries kSensor(0,0);
View Hackscribble_Ferro.cpp
Hackscribble_Ferro Library
Connects Fujitsu Ferroelectric RAM (MB85RS range) to your
Arduino to add up to 32KB of fast, non-volatile storage.
For information on how to install and use the library,
read "Hackscribble_Ferro user".
View MonoDigoleGeoDemo.ino
/* *********************************************************************************** */
/* Digole Serial Display Library - Version 006 */
/* Copyright 2014 Timothy Brown / Paul Kourany / Digole */
/* *********************************************************************************** */
/* Setup the class for your display *before* void setup(): */
/* */
/* DigoleSerialDisp digole(arguments); */
/* */
/* Arguments: */
/* */
View Gateway.ino
// Sample RFM69 receiver/gateway sketch, with ACK and optional encryption
// Passes through any wireless received messages to the serial port & responds to ACKs
// It also looks for an onboard FLASH chip, if present
// Library and code by Felix Rusu -
// Get the RFM69 and SPIFlash library at:
#if defined (SPARK)
#include "RFM69.h"
#include <RFM69.h>
pkourany / FRAM.cpp
Created Jul 20, 2014
Fujitsu FRAM alpha library - for single chip only (for now)
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Fujitsu FRAM alpha library
#include "FRAM.h"
FRAM::FRAM(uint8_t chipSelect)
_cs = chipSelect;
pinMode(_cs, OUTPUT);
pkourany / FSM
Created Jun 11, 2014
FSM example
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/* Manage WiFi connection (start/stop) */
/* non-blocking, called in main loop */
/* */
/* void manageWiFi(void) */
void manageWiFi(void)
pkourany / LSM303.cpp
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Updated LSM303 code
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#include "application.h"
#include "LSM303.h"
#define FEED_ID "xxxxxxxxxxxx" //note: fake id here..
#define XIVELY_API_KEY "Cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" //note: fake key here
TCPClient client;
LSM303 compass;