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Pawel Kozlowski pkozlowski-opensource

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On: 6/9/2015 at 6:48:41 PM
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pkozlowski-opensource / gist:5a57d28ccfeacaba7661
Last active Aug 29, 2015
$http and request param serialisation issues
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Issues description

"Hard-coded" serialization format for request parameters

The current version of the $http service has a hard-coded way of serializing request parameters. This one-and-only-one way of doing things causes practical problems to people using backends that have different serialziation schemas (mostly Rails and PHP).

More specifically, given this $http call:

$http.get('', {params: {foo: [1 ,2], bar: 'sth;else'}});

(written by @pawel)

We've got a number of bug reports opened for the $dialog service and while some of them can be fixed by (relatively) simple changes to the existing code-base some other are difficult to solve due to the way current code is structured. Additionally the existing API would benefit from some some simplifications.

This docs aims to list existing issues and propose a new API plus some implementations details that would address existing issues.

As a remainder, docs for the current service are located here:

Known issues


pkozlowski-opensource / gist:4998969
Last active Nov 12, 2018
AngularJS Typeahead interface design
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Simple, static array

 $scope.states = ['Alabama', 'California', 'Delaware', ...] 

would be used as:

<input ng-model='state' typeahead='states | filter:$viewValue'>
pkozlowski-opensource / angular.issue856.js
Created Jul 7, 2012
angular.js built after fixing #856
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* @license AngularJS v1.0.2-a8b04004
* (c) 2010-2012 Google, Inc.
* License: MIT
(function(window, document, undefined) {
'use strict';
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