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urls=$(curl -s "" | grep -o '[^"&]\+' | uniq | sed -e 's/imgur/i.imgur/' -e 's/$/.png/')
for url in ${urls}
filename=$(basename $url)
if [ ! -e "${filename}" ]
curl -s -O "${url}"

Fetch wallpapers from Manifold Garden

Because pretty

Setup for OSX

Make a folder like ~/Pictures/manifoldgarden and put in it. Run it to fetch some images with:


Then go to System Preferences -> Desktop & Screensaver, add the folder to use as your wallpaper and set it to change every now and then.

To make it update automatically with new ones

open Terminal and run:

crontab -e

you'll want to add this line:

0 * * * * cd $HOME/Pictures/manifoldgarden && bash

If you don't know how to use the editor (vi) you can do this by pressing i, pasting in the line, pressing ESC and typing :wq

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