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Last active Sep 25, 2017
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Law Depot Teardown

Law Depot

Law Depot helps lanldords generate lease agreements they can then download and print. The documents are not templates but filled out pdf forms. A landlord would typically create a lease form in one sitting and probably never interact with the site again. I imagine the number of landlords the site converts to paying subscriptions is low. A landlord comes to this page with the purpose of creating a lease for their newly found tenants to sign.



The Good



Has an option to add more than just the current landlord on the lease (second in a row that has this, seems to be a pattern).

Rent Price Input


Rent price input only accepts numerical values. Radio set of how often rent is due could easily be a dropdown or select box. A great oppurtunity is again the types of payments accepted for rent.

Securtiy Deposit Locality


Inline locality suggestions for Security Deposit and increase in rent collection. This really helps reassure the landlord they're on the right track. Seems to be a pattern among online lease builders and for good reason.

The Bad

UI Layout


We're confronted with another lengthy wizard that steps us through the lease building process. It's a seven step proccess but each "step" seems to contain an unknown number of sub-steps. There is a progress bar to indicate how far along you are in finishing this lease but it only progesses at completion of each "step" and doesn't move the bar on sub-steps.

First Step


The type of property is the first thing we're asked. It would make sense to include that property's street address here since we've got it in mind and the next question is asking us about the location of the unit anyway. Poor choice in planning and possible removal of a step.

Adding Occupants Besides Lease Signers


Includes a section about occupants besides the ones signing the lease. Kind of a strange clause and seemingly out of place. The title for the section is "parties" but landlord contact info doesn't really read that way for me and the rest of the lessees info is not included in this step.

Additional Clauses


Allows tenants to add additional clauses to customize lease, but doesn't give the user any way to see which clauses are already added to the lease. This will cause a lot of duplicate clauses.

The Ugly

Error Handling


Clicking on "save and continue" without filling anything in results in no errors but no navigating away from the current page (something has indeed errored).

Completing Steps in Form


The wizard is saving the lease draft when we move forward and back steps, it adds seconds to navigation and becomes very annoying when included in a lenghty form.

Start and End Dates


The lease details section is about the length and start of the lease. There is no option to both have a set term and then let the lease expire into a month to month agreement. This is a standard practice, poor planning on the service.

Adding an Address


There is no auto-complete on the property address. It includes the unit / apt number before the street address (I mistakenly filled it in as the street address first, possible its just me but that seems weird). The section lets you upload photos to the final document which is actually a great idea for the landlord but taken out of context seems totally misguided. It should be in a maintenance area with the context "before pictures will help you secure the working order of applicances and the unit's level of upkeep". It provides a section to write additional details about the unit. I cannot see that being a requirement for many landlords and am struggling to think of a use case for it.



I missed the tenant information step the first time around because it looked exactly the same as the landlord info.

Guarantor / Co-signer Clause


Guarantor Information is verbose and unintuitive, no mention of requiring a guarantor had been surfaced.

Insurance Requirements


Insurance setion seems to be full of jargon and impossible for me to understand without looking up what exactly the terms are referring to. No inline explainers are presented. This is a great way to have a user leave your site and never come back.

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