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Read YAML file from Bash script
parse_yaml() {
local prefix=$2
local s='[[:space:]]*' w='[a-zA-Z0-9_]*' fs=$(echo @|tr @ '\034')
sed -ne "s|^\($s\)\($w\)$s:$s\"\(.*\)\"$s\$|\1$fs\2$fs\3|p" \
-e "s|^\($s\)\($w\)$s:$s\(.*\)$s\$|\1$fs\2$fs\3|p" $1 |
awk -F$fs '{
indent = length($1)/2;
vname[indent] = $2;
for (i in vname) {if (i > indent) {delete vname[i]}}
if (length($3) > 0) {
vn=""; for (i=0; i<indent; i++) {vn=(vn)(vname[i])("_")}
printf("%s%s%s=\"%s\"\n", "'$prefix'",vn, $2, $3);
# include parse_yaml function
# read yaml file
eval $(parse_yaml zconfig.yml "config_")
# access yaml content
echo $config_development_database
adapter: mysql2
encoding: utf8
database: my_database
username: root
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sonjz commented Oct 28, 2021

thanks for this.
added this to end after awk as a hack not to interpret $ interpolation (application: reading serverless.yml config into bash)

 | tr "$" "#" # don't want to interpret $

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i cant figure out why its not running succesfully for me whenever i execute ./ it gives me error
./ line 4: .: file not found
./ line 7: parse_yaml: command not found

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has anybody else faced this issue please help

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potes74 commented Jan 30, 2022

@Nigam8972 try with
. ./
if they are in the same folder (it's what I use)

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ppenguin commented Mar 2, 2023

Cool, just discovered this; of course the more recent suggestions are more robust and feature-rich, but I found myself needing this on constrained (i.e. busybox, sh and no python) systems where going POSIX-sh only is the way to go.

The method here by @wadewegner (or similar) to pre-process problematic keys (but not their values) was the way to go, i.e. by using "advanced" sed hold-space etc.

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