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Example of plumbing needed to use the ecs package
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import time
from ecs import Component, Entity, EntityManager, System, SystemManager
class MovementSystem(System):
"""Movement system to update position of Movable components."""
def update(self, dt):
for entity, component in self.entity_manager.pairs_for_type(Movable):
component.x += component.dx * dt
component.y += component.dy * dt
print("{} position: {!r}".format(entity, component.pos))
class Movable(Component):
"""Component for position and velocity data."""
def __init__(self, x, y, dx=0., dy=0.):
self.x = x
self.y = y
self.dx = dx
self.dy = dy
def pos(self):
return (int(self.x), int(self.y))
def velocity(self):
return (self.dx, self.dy)
def main():
# Create an entity manager, a database entities and components.
database = EntityManager()
# Create a player entity.
player = database.create_entity()
# Add a Movable component instance and its association
# with the player entity to the database.
database.add_component(player, Movable(x=100, y=100, dx=1, dy=-2))
# Create a system manager, i.e. the game world.
game = SystemManager(database)
# Add a MovementSystem instance to the world,
# which implements the mechanics for Movable components.
# It uses the entity manager, provided to it by the system manager,
# to find and act on Movable components.
# Set FPS and run the game loop.
fps = 2
start = time.time()
elapsed = 0
while True:
# Runs the update() method of all added systems.
time.sleep(1. / fps)
now = time.time()
elapsed = now - start
start = now
except KeyboardInterrupt:
if __name__ == '__main__':
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