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Logitech Speaker System Z906 remote IR codes


Protocol: NEC1
Device: 2
SubDevice: 160

Func.  OBC  HEX  EFC
Power: 128  FE   189
Input: 8    EF   053
Mute:  234  A8   079
Level: 10   AF   055
Plus:  170  AA   095
Effect:14   8F   054
Minus: 106  A9   071

Input1 4    DF   180
Input2 130  BE   191
Input3 12   CF   052
Input4 140  CE   060
Input5 2    BF   183
AUX    66   BD   167
TEST   1    7F   185

Upgrade Code 0 = 34 57 (Amp/1111) Logitech Speaker System Z906 (RM v2.02 Beta)
 5A 00 F5 20 BF FA 7F DF BE CF CE BF BD 00 00 00
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on my RaspberryPi the Broadlink config file is here:

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Dillton commented May 26, 2022

Yeah I know already. I missed the "." in storage folder name so did not realized its hidden folder and cant be seen in file editor xD
One more thing. Did you just modified and saved the file with codes? Or is there some different approach to learn the codes correctly?
I am asking mostly because of the Input1-5 codes which does not have physical buttons on remote.

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i only edited this file by adding new codes wrapped by the same syntax as others previously learned, it worked immediately after edits

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Dillton commented May 26, 2022

Thank you very much, finally I can use one remote for Xiaomi box, TV and Z906 plus some automations for switching inputs based on active devices :)

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