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def update_skus
s = Sku.all(:conditions => {:code => 30853, :deleted => 0}).first; (s.present? ? puts( 'present') : Sku.create(:code => '30853',:name => 'K6G52S(X)/R', :serial => 'K6G52S(X)/R'.upcase.delete(" .:,.-()~!@$%^&#*_+?;/|\[]{}`'"+'"').gsub("(",""),:brand_id => 1, :sku_category_id => 2, :business => 0))
s = Sku.all(:conditions => {:code => 30863, :deleted => 0}).first; (s.present? ? puts( 'present') : Sku.create(:code => '30863',:name => 'K6C51(W)/R', :serial => 'K6C51(W)/R'.upcase.delete(" .:,.-()~!@$%^&#*_+?;/|\[]{}`'"+'"').gsub("(",""),:brand_id => 1, :sku_category_id => 2, :business => 0))
s = Sku.all(:conditions => {:code => 30874, :deleted => 0}).first; (s.present? ? puts( 'present') : Sku.create(:code => '30874',:name => 'K6E11(W)/R', :serial => 'K6E11(W)/R'.upcase.delete(" .:,.-()~!@$%^&#*_+?;/|\[]{}`'"+'"').gsub("(",""),:brand_id => 1, :sku_category_id => 2, :business => 0))
s = Sku.all(:conditions => {:code => 30875, :deleted => 0}).first; (s.present? ? puts( 'present') : Sku.crea

Ubuntu 12.04, Ruby, Rails, Nginx, Unicorn and git-deploy

In the seemlingly endless search for the actual correct and easy way to deploy a Rails app, we have tried several ways. We tried out using Apache2 and running a cluster of Thin servers. With the built in threading of Puma we decided to use it with Nginx.

Server Setup

  • Create new server
  • Login to new server
    • ssh root@IPaddress (you can also use the domain name if you have the DNS setup already)
    • accept the RSA key
View ledes.rb
require 'rubygems'
require 'stemmer'
require 'classifier'
class LedeClassifier
attr :classifier
def initialize(sections, n)
@classifier =*sections)

Backbone.js Style and Patterns

Naming Rules

Use PascalCase for constructors, namespaces and modules:

var m = new Backbone.Model(); 
for i in `find . -name '*.erb'` ; do
html2haml $i `echo $i | sed 's/\.erb/\.haml/'`
find . -name '*.erb' -exec rm \{\} \;
activeRequests = []
Backbone._sync = Backbone.sync
Backbone.sync = (method, model, options) ->
asyncToken = Backbone._sync.apply(this,arguments)
asyncToken.then () ->
activeRequests = _.without activeRequests, asyncToken
if activeRequests.length == 0 then console.log "LOADING COMPLETE"
if activeRequests.length == 0
console.log "START LOADING"
View Backbone.Subset.js
@date 05/31/2011
@class Backbone.Subset
@name Backbone Subset
Implements an imaginary subset of a Backbone Collection (as superset)
// Extend the default Backbone.Collection
View gist:1261557
.ui-tabs-nav li a {background: url('tabs.gif');text-indent: -100000px; display: block; width: 44px;}
.ui-tabs-nav li a#finaceAdvisorTab {background-position:0px 0px; height: 130px;}
.ui-tabs-nav li a#personalBrokerTab {background-position:0px -130px; height: 130px;}
.ui-tabs-nav li a#vipBrokerTab {background-position:0px -260px; height: 90px;}
.ui-tabs-nav li a#voiceOrderTab {background-position:0px -350px; height: 130px;}
.ui-tabs-nav li a#myFilialTab {background-position:0px -480px; height: 90px;}
.ui-tabs-nav li a#finaceAdvisorTab:hover,
.ui-tabs-nav li.ui-tabs-selected a#finaceAdvisorTab {background-position:44px 0px; height: 130px;}
.ui-tabs-nav li a#personalBrokerTab:hover,
View _pay_form.erb.html
<form action="<%= @pay_desc['mrh_url'] %>" method="post">
<input type=hidden name=MrchLogin value="<%= @pay_desc['mrh_login'] %>">
<input type=hidden name=OutSum value="<%= @pay_desc['out_summ'] %>">
<input type=hidden name=InvId value="<%= @pay_desc['inv_id'] %>">
<input type=hidden name=Desc value="<%= @pay_desc['inv_desc'] %>">
<input type=hidden name=SignatureValue value="<%= @pay_desc['crc'] %>">
<input type=hidden name=Shp_item value="<%= @pay_desc['shp_item'] %>">
<input type=hidden name=IncCurrLabel value="<%= @pay_desc['in_curr'] %>">
<input type=hidden name=Culture value="<%= @pay_desc['culture'] %>">
<input type=submit value='Оплатить'>
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