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import Foundation
import UIKit
// Usage Examples
let system12 = Font(.system, size: .standard(.h5)).instance
let robotoThin20 = Font(.installed(.RobotoThin), size: .standard(.h1)).instance
let robotoBlack14 = Font(.installed(.RobotoBlack), size: .standard(.h4)).instance
let helveticaLight13 = Font(.custom("Helvetica-Light"), size: .custom(13.0)).instance
struct Font {
enum FontType {
case installed(FontName)
case custom(String)
case system
case systemBold
case systemItatic
case systemWeighted(weight: Double)
case monoSpacedDigit(size: Double, weight: Double)
enum FontSize {
case standard(StandardSize)
case custom(Double)
var value: Double {
switch self {
case .standard(let size):
return size.rawValue
case .custom(let customSize):
return customSize
enum FontName: String {
case RobotoBlack = "Roboto-Black"
case RobotoBlackItalic = "Roboto-BlackItalic"
case RobotoBold = "Roboto-Bold"
case RobotoBoldItalic = "Roboto-BoldItalic"
case RobotoItalic = "Roboto-Italic"
case RobotoLight = "Roboto_Light"
case RobotoLightItalic = "Roboto-LightItalic"
case RobotoMedium = "Roboto-Medium"
case RobotoMediumItalic = "Roboto-MediumItalic"
case RobotoRegular = "Roboto-Regular"
case RobotoThin = "Roboto-Thin"
case RobotoThinItalic = "Roboto-ThinItalic"
enum StandardSize: Double {
case h1 = 20.0
case h2 = 18.0
case h3 = 16.0
case h4 = 14.0
case h5 = 12.0
case h6 = 10.0
var type: FontType
var size: FontSize
init(_ type: FontType, size: FontSize) {
self.type = type
self.size = size
extension Font {
var instance: UIFont {
var instanceFont: UIFont!
switch type {
case .custom(let fontName):
guard let font = UIFont(name: fontName, size: CGFloat(size.value)) else {
fatalError("\(fontName) font is not installed, make sure it added in Info.plist and logged with Utility.logAllAvailableFonts()")
instanceFont = font
case .installed(let fontName):
guard let font = UIFont(name: fontName.rawValue, size: CGFloat(size.value)) else {
fatalError("\(fontName.rawValue) font is not installed, make sure it added in Info.plist and logged with Utility.logAllAvailableFonts()")
instanceFont = font
case .system:
instanceFont = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: CGFloat(size.value))
case .systemBold:
instanceFont = UIFont.boldSystemFont(ofSize: CGFloat(size.value))
case .systemItatic:
instanceFont = UIFont.italicSystemFont(ofSize: CGFloat(size.value))
case .systemWeighted(let weight):
instanceFont = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: CGFloat(size.value),
weight: CGFloat(weight))
case .monoSpacedDigit(let size, let weight):
instanceFont = UIFont.monospacedDigitSystemFont(ofSize: CGFloat(size),
weight: CGFloat(weight))
return instanceFont
class Utility {
/// Logs all available fonts from iOS SDK and installed custom font
class func logAllAvailableFonts() {
for family in UIFont.familyNames {
for name in UIFont.fontNames(forFamilyName: family) {
print(" \(name)")
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