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Created Mar 31, 2019
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a list of all virtues
ability abundance acceptance accountability accuracy achievement acknowledgement acting on convictions activism adaptability administration/control adoration adventure advice affection aging gracefully allowing altruism amazement ambition anger at injustice anticipation apology appeasement appreciation appreciation of appreciation of beauty approbation appropriate conduct appropriate knowledge approval art assertiveness assumptions atonement attention attitude austerity authenticity authority authority/honesty autonomy awareness awe b balance beauty being true to oneself belief benevolence benignity bliss bravery c candor capacity to be loved capacity to love care caring caution celebration celibacy certainty chance change chaos character charity charm chastity cheerfulness chivalry choice citizenship civility clarity class cleanliness coincidence collaboration commitment communication communication/info communion community community/personalist community/supportive companionship compassion competition complementarity completeness composure comprehension compromise concentration conciliation confession confidence congruence conscience consciousness consecration conservatism consideration consistency contemplation contentment contribution control control/order/discipline conviction convivial technology cooperation cooperativeness corporation/new order correctness courage courteousness courtesy courtesy/hospitality creativity credibility critical thinking culture curiosity d death decency decision/initiation dedication defiance deliberation delight dependability design/pattern/order desire destiny detachment detachment/solitude determination devotion devotion to others devotion to virtues dexterity/co-ordination dignity diligence diplomacy dis-creation discernment discipline discretion disillusion dissolution diversity dreams dutifulness duty/obligation e eagerness earnestness economics/profit economics/success ecstasy education education/certification education/knowledge efficiency efficiency/planning effort elegance elevation eloquence emotion empathy emptiness encouragement endurance endurance/patience energy enlightenment enthusiasm epiphany equality equanimity equilibrium equity/rights esteem etiquette excellence excitement expressiveness expressiveness/joy extravagance f failure fairness faith faithfulness family farsightedness fearlessness feeling fidelity finishing what’s started flexibility flow focus forbearance foresight forgiveness fortitude frankness freedom friendliness friendship friendship/belonging frugality fulfillment fun g gallantry generosity generosity/compassion genius gentleness genuineness global justice glory goals godliness good speech goodness grace grandeur gratefulness gratitude gravitas gravity growth growth/expansion h happiness harmlessness harmony healing health health/healing heaven on earth helpfulness helping others hierarchy/order holiness honesty honor hope hopefulness hospitality human rights humanity humbleness humility humor i idealism ideals identities illumination imagination impartiality imperfection inclusion incorruptibility independence individualism individuality industriousness industry ingenuity initiative inner exploration innocence innovation insight inspiration instinct integrity intelligence interdependence interest in the world intimacy intuition inventiveness investigation irony j joy joyfulness judgment justice justice/social order k kind speech kindness kinship knowledge l laughter law/guide law/rule leadership learning leisure liberalism liberality liberty limitation/acceptance limitation/celebration listening liveliness logic love love of learning loving-kindness lovingness loyalty loyalty/fidelity luck luxuriating m macroeconomics magnanimity magnificence majesty management manners maturity meaning meekness mellowness membership/institution mercy mildness mindfulness minessence minessence mission/objectives mistakes moderation modesty morality motherhood motivation mutual accountability mutual obedience n niceness nobility non-covetousness non-duality non-separateness non-violence nostalgia nurturance nurturing o obedience obedience obedience/duty objectivity obligations open-heartedness open-mindedness openness optimism order orderliness organization originality overcoming adversity ownership p pacifism paradise passion patience patriotism patriotism/esteem peace peacefulness penitence pensiveness perseverance persistence personality perspective persuasion philanthropy piety pioneerism/innovation pity planning play playfulness pleasure pluralism politeness positive bias potency potential power practicality practice pragmatism praise prayer prayerfulness precision prestige/image pride principles privacy privilege probity problem-solving productivity professionalism profit promises property/control prophet/vision propriety prosperity protection protest prudence punctuality purification purity purity of heart purpose purposeful work purposefulness q quality evaluation quality improvement quality/evaluation quest r radiance rapture rationality realism reality realization reason rebirth receptivity reciprocity reconciliation rectitude redemption refinement reflection relaxation release reliability religiosity remembering remembrance remorse renunciation repentance reputation research resilience resisting temptations resoluteness resolution resourcefulness respect respectability respectfulness responsibility restraint reverence right action right concentration right effort right intention right livelihood right mindfulness right speech right use of power right use of will right view righteousness rights rights/respect risk risk taking ritual/communication rituals romance roots rule/accountability s sacredness sacrifice sadness salvation sanity satiety satisfaction search/meaning/hope secrecy security seeing self self assertion self-awareness self-centeredness self-confidence self-control self-discipline self-esteem self-examination self-expression self-improvement self-possession self-regulation self-reliance self-respect self-restraint self-righteousness self-trust selflessness sense of purpose sensibility sensitivity sensory pleasure sensuality sentimentality serendipity serenity service sharing sharing/listening/trust shyness silence simplicity simplicity/play sincerity skepticism skill smartness sobriety social affirmation social intelligence social responsibility solidarity solitude soul evolution soulfulness spirit spiritual insight spirituality spontaneity sportsmanship steadfastness stick-to-it-iveness straightforwardness strength stress study success succor suffering support of others support/peer surrender sweet-tempered sympathy synergy t tact tactfulness talent taste teaching others team-spirit teamwork technology/science temper temperance tenacity tenderness territory/security thankfulness thoroughness thoughtfulness thrift tithing tolerance toughness tradition tradition training tranquility transcendence transcendence/solitude transcendental wisdom transformation transition trust trustfulness trustworthiness truth truthfulness u unconditional love understanding union unity unity/diversity unity/uniformity universality unselfishness v valor values variety verbal acuity victory vigor virility virtue vision vitality vulnerability w wealth wholesomeness will wisdom wit wonder wonder/curiosity work workmanship workmanship/art/craft worship worth y yes!-ing youthfulness z zeal zealousness zest
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