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Last active September 8, 2018 13:54
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def add_domain_lookup(domain):
# Add the nodes
domain_maker = modules.DomainTC()
hash_maker = modules.Hashes_TC()
email = modules.EmailTC()
sub_domain = modules.Sub_DomainTC()
ip_address = modules.IP_addressTC()
# add the relationships
domain_to_hash = modules.Domains_Hashes_Relationship()
domain_to_sub_domain = modules.Domain_Sub_domain_Relationship()
domain_to_email = modules.Email_Domain_TC_Relationship()
domain_to_ip = modules.Domain_to_IP_address()
# add the domain
# Do the look up
data = get_TC_domain(domain)
if data:
if data['emails']:
for email_address in data['emails']:
domain_to_email.make_relationship(to_node=domain, from_node=email_address)
if data['resolutions']:
for resolve in data['resolutions']:
resolved = {}
resolved['last_resolved']= resolve['last_resolved']
ip_address.create_or_update(key=resolve['ip_address'], data=resolved)
domain_to_ip.make_relationship(from_node=domain, to_node=resolve['ip_address'])
if data['hashes']:
for hashes in data['hashes']:
domain_to_hash.make_relationship(from_node=domain, to_node=hashes)
if data['subdomains']:
for subdomains in data['subdomains']:
domain_to_sub_domain.make_relationship(from_node=domain, to_node=subdomains)
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