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#Max's Custom Nuke Menu
import ml_AutoWrite_v1_0
menubar ="Nuke")
mlmenu = menubar.addMenu("Max")
mlmenu.addCommand("Create EXR AutoWrite", "ml_AutoWrite_v1_0.gdMakeEXRWriteNodes()")
mlmenu.addCommand("Open In Explorer Window", "ml_AutoWrite_v1_0.gdOpenDir()", "shift+r")
mlmenu.addCommand("Create Directory", "ml_AutoWrite_v1_0.gdMakeDir()", "shift+d")
mlmenu.addCommand("Set Selected Read In and Out Frames", "ml_AutoWrite_v1_0.setInAndOutFrames()")
mlmenu.addCommand("Create Read From Selected", "ml_AutoWrite_v1_0.copyFilePathToNewRead()")
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