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An example generic wrapper for making any iterator / generator thread-safe compatible with python 3
import threading
A generic iterator and generator that takes any iterator and wrap it to make it thread safe.
This method was introducted by Anand Chitipothu in
but was not compatible with python 3. This modified version is now compatible and works both in python 2.8 and 3.0
class threadsafe_iter:
"""Takes an iterator/generator and makes it thread-safe by
serializing call to the `next` method of given iterator/generator.
def __init__(self, it): = it
self.lock = threading.Lock()
def __iter__(self):
return self
def __next__(self):
with self.lock:
def threadsafe_generator(f):
"""A decorator that takes a generator function and makes it thread-safe.
def g(*a, **kw):
return threadsafe_iter(f(*a, **kw))
return g
Usage Examples. Here's how to use @threadsafe_generator to make any generator thread safe:
def count():
i = 0
while True:
i += 1
yield i
This is a simple regular iterator, not thread safe.
class Counter:
def __init__(self):
self.i = 0
def __iter__(self):
return self
def __next__(self):
self.i += 1
return self.i
Running both examples in multithread example will show this actually works.
Note: we compare our thread safe generator against a non thread safe iterator since a non thread safe generator
in a multithreaded envrionment just crashes, yieldsing a 'ValueError: generator already executing' error.
You can try it yourself by removing the @threadsafe_generator decorator from count().
def loop(func, n):
"""Runs the given function n times in a loop.
for i in range(n):
def run(f, repeats=1000, nthreads=10):
"""Starts multiple threads to execute the given function multiple
times in each thread.
# create threads
threads = [threading.Thread(target=loop, args=(f, repeats))
for i in range(nthreads)]
# start threads
for t in threads:
# wait for threads to finish
for t in threads:
def main():
c1 = count()
c2 = Counter()
# call 100K times in 2 different threads
run(c1.__next__, repeats=100000, nthreads=2)
print ("c1", c1.__next__())
# call 100K times in 2 different threads
run(c2.__next__, repeats=100000, nthreads=2)
print ("c2", c2.__next__())
if __name__ == "__main__":
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